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Meet City Manager Ryan Wallace

Episode 10 features the City Manager from the City of Crescent, Oklahoma, Ryan Wallace. This episode takes us on a journey from Ryan's professional career in the private sector prior to relocating to Oklahoma to be closer to family. From there, Ryan got involved in Crescent's Fire Department about 10 years ago and from there has helped in various roles, including his current one as the City Manager.

We get into topics around managing the Oklahoma weather, embracing technology, working with council, ideas on brining in new businesses, and much more.

Show Script:

Ryan Wallace  
One of the things that I think that is similar happens to fit me very well as I like to start-ups. And in my mind, this small city feels a lot like a start-up. There really are, they're stretched for resources. And there are far more jobs to do, then there are people that are that are able to do them.

Brian Ondrako  
Welcome to another episode of the Gov Gab Podcast. I'm your host, Brian Ondrako. Thanks for being along in another episode, and excited to get back to the Midwest for Episode 10. Today, where we get the opportunity to speak with Ryan Wallace, who is the City Manager for the City of Crescent, Oklahoma. And Ryan has a really unique journey that he shares with us of you know, how he was an entrepreneur, ran some businesses out west and then ultimately came back home to be closer to his wife's family in Oklahoma. And from there, it kind of slowly started, he was at the fire department to begin and then kind of worked his way up in different roles, was helping with it and those type of things, and now has been the city manager for a short time, but a year and a half or so two years for the City of Crescent. So it was a really nice conversation, a lot of really deep insight into a small town and a lot of things that they go through. So I think that might appeal for a lot of the individuals out there listening. So I hope you guys really enjoyed this episode. Without further ado, let's jump into my chat today with Ryan Wallace. Ryan, welcome to the podcast. Thanks for joining today.

Ryan Wallace  
Thank you for having me.

Brian Ondrako  
Yeah, I'm excited to chat with you know, you know, on our Gov Gab kind of podcasts here, as we talk with jurisdictions, both large and small, I know you got you know, your city manager of a smaller jurisdiction there in Oklahoma. So I was excited to kind of learn a little bit more about some of the things you guys are doing there some of the opportunities, as well as some of the challenges you guys are having. But I did want to start back if it's okay, because I'm always intrigued, especially folks that decide to get into public sector and kind of have those different roles. Can you share just a little bit about maybe your background? How did you did you always want to kind of as you were growing up as a kid and stuff want to be involved in the local government? Is that something that kind of spawned in college and later, okay, tell us about that the start off.

Ryan Wallace  
Now, actually, I really didn't have any interest in public sector at all. I've always been a private sector guy, and, you know, was intrigued by government. But I really didn't understand the difference between local government versus state and federal. And wasn't wasn't until later in life that I became interested in my community and, and involved with the community that I started to see. Perhaps there were places that I c

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