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How did Greenhill School use Dude Solutions' software to improve their reporting and use data for decision-making?

Independent School Saves Time & Improves Accountability with Dude Solutions

CLIENT: Marty Hagmann, Assistant Director of Facility Services


VITALS: 14 buildings, 1,280 students

CHALLENGES: Inefficient processes and unreliable work order data

RESULTS: Data showed that they were doing more work than they thought

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Shares data and reporting with CFO to drive decision-making 

With 14 buildings spread across 80 acres, the Greenhill School facilities department has their hands full. Their top priority is customer service, so they don’t have time to waste with inefficient processes. The school’s maintenance department utilizes SchoolDude’s suite of solutions because the integration between solutions streamlines processes and saves time. 

Prior to SchoolDude, Greenhill had a legacy preventive maintenance system that was flawed and took a lot of time to maintain. Marty Hagmann, Assistant Director of Facility Services, mentioned that “work order requests were submitted through an Outlook calendar.” Staff could easily edit or delete these invites, so the department’s work order data wasn’t very reliable. The team knew it was time to look for a new solution, and the facilities consulting firm they work with, Building Solutions, suggested taking a look at SchoolDude’s solutions. After reviewing the maintenance management suite, Greenhill decided to move forward with SchoolDude. They really liked the low price point of the software and the accountability that the work order data offers.

Greenhill rolled out the solution over the summer. They had an intern come in and input some initial work order requests and equipment data. During teacher orientation, they trained staff on the system and were ready to “go live” by the first day of classes. Since then, the team has adapted well. Occasionally faculty and staff will still call or email in requests, but Marty just reminds them that, “if you want it done, enter it in SchoolDude.”

Greenhill School has been very pleased with SchoolDude’s solutions. Marty said the initial year was “eyeopening.” The data showed that the team was doing more work than they originally thought. The team completes about 12,000 work orders per year! Marty uses the data within the system to benchmark the team’s success and look for continuous areas of improvement. He also shares the information with his Chief Financial Officer, who uses the information to make important budgetary decisions with their board.

Following their success with the maintenance suite, Greenhill School has taken advantage of other suites within the SchoolDude platform. According to Marty, adding the additional solutions has taken their school to the next level.

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