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Texas District Increases Productivity with Facilities Automation Solution

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CLIENT: Scott Dunlap, Building Automation Coordinator and Demographer


VITALS:67,000 students, 55 schools

CHALLENGES: Needed an effective facility scheduling solution that could scale with school growth

RESULTS: Significant time savings with Siemens SchoolDude scheduling utility integration

Katy Independent School District, the 10th largest district in Texas, hosts thousands of events each year across its 55-school district. With the district continuing to grow, Scott Dunlap, Building Automation Coordinator and Demographer for Katy ISD, knew a critical next step would be integrating its facility scheduling solution, and Siemens’ building automation system (BAS), which controls the HVAC and lighting systems, to save energy costs and employees’ time. Prior to this integration, the data transfer was completed manually, consuming more than 3.5 man-hours per day.

Katy ISD chose to use SchoolDude’s facilities automation solution because the district was already utilizing many of SchoolDude’s solutions, including the facility scheduling solution. The facilities automation software in conjunction with the Siemens SchoolDude Scheduling Utility (SDSU) ensures that events scheduled in the facility scheduling system communicate with the district’s Siemens’ BAS, thus delivering lighting and HVAC services to facility space in a targeted manner.

“The SchoolDude and Siemens integration works extremely well,” said Scott. “The installation was hassle-free and the mapping process was a breeze.” Zone mapping is as easy as highlighting the zone, selecting a point and then applying the mapping throughout the space. The Siemens SDSU creates a bridge for information to be shared between the SchoolDude and Siemens systems which reduces the man-hours needed for scheduling events.

The biggest benefit Scott has seen from the Siemens and SchoolDude integration is an increase in efficiency. He was able to input 323 facility space reservations in 2.5 minutes – equal to 2.15 reservations per second! “I can only imagine how long it would take to input 323 reservations by hand. We are very pleased with the product so far.” With the integration, Katy ISD can heat and cool only the facility space that is being used for after-hours events – helping the district to maximize its energy efficiency.

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