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New York District Saves Time & Increases Efficiency with Dude Solutions

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CLIENT: Andy Velez, Executive Director of Operations & Maintenance

GEOGRAPHY: Newburgh, New York

VITALS: 16 buildings, 11,623 students, 750+ community events

CHALLENGES: Needed more efficiency with work order system

RESULTS: Time and money savings with web-based system, faster facility scheduling for events

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: More accessibility with mobile capabilities

With 16 buildings and 750+ community events happening every year, Andy Velez, Executive Director of Operations & Maintenance for Newburgh Enlarged City School District, knew that the district needed an updated maintenance work order system. Prior to implementing SchoolDude’s maintenance solution, work orders were sent via fax and interoffice mail. Andy specifically requested to use SchoolDude saying, “How can I keep track of the work my team completes and our budget without SchoolDude?” The school board came around to the idea and Andy got his wish.

Andy and his team immediately implemented SchoolDude’s maintenance management system. “It made my life so much easier, and we’re able to do work so much faster,” said Andy. “We were using 50 cases of paper per year for requests and now we’re down to 10!” Everything is now web-based and can be accessed from any computer. “If there’s a problem in a building I can look it up on my iPad. I’m able to track it down to the minute.”

Within 2 months, 25% of the district was using the MySchoolBuilding™ requester portal to submit work order requests. “Having teachers put in work orders online helps us stretch our man-power, and saves me a lot of work.”

Facility Scheduling

After such great success with the maintenance management system, Newburgh decided to implement SchoolDude’s facility scheduling solution to help streamline the more than 750 events that take place at the district each year. The district also took into consideration the 180+ outside groups that use New- burgh’s facilities for meetings and events. Moving to a web-based system enabled outside requesters to quickly book the space needed for their events. Before SchoolDude, booking an event could take up to 60 days, now booking an event takes 2 days – an 80% reduction in time

Newburgh also took into account SchoolDude’s support when evaluating the system. “With SchoolDude you get somebody with a heartbeat,” said Andy. He particularly loved that the support staff answers the phone within 3 rings and that he would always talk to a real person. Overall, Andy and Newburgh are very happy with their solutions. “Everyone is happier because work is getting done and getting done fast.”


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