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A special guest, Josh Peach, joins Bob and Tony today to talk a bit about what he does at the Evangelist for Dude Solutions and practical ways to stay positive in our day-to-work and life.

In Episode 66, you’ll also learn:

  • How your attitude can affect your outlook
  • How to deal with negative situations
  • How to consider other’s challenges
  • The value of embracing that everyone has a story
  • What it means to respond and not react
  • How to approach meeting new people
  • How to show you’re interested in others and truly listen
  • Ways to gain a takeaway from every interaction
  • Get inspired in the first few minutes of your day and wind down for the last
  • How to better deal with customers
  • Some of Josh’s heroes of evangelism in the business world
  • How you can be (and already are) an evangelist


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