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Village of Horseheads, New York, Successfully Justifies Budget Increase

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CLIENT: Nathan Nagle, Parks and Recreation Director

GEOGRAPHY: Horseheads, NY

VITALS: Population of 6,676; Almost 70 acres of parks to manage

CHALLENGES: Justifying budget requests

RESULTS: Able to provide accurate data to ensure budget is protected and even increased

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Improved communication means greater efficiency for all

Nationwide, Parks and Recreation professionals are struggling against budget constraints coupled with greater scrutiny on the efficiency and effectiveness of their departments. There is mounting pressure to maintain higher quality parks while offering more services and amenities to citizens. Recognizing this atmosphere and the importance of parks, Nathan Nagle, Parks and Recreation Director for the Village of Horseheads, New York, knew he needed to ensure he had solid justification on his budget requests

His department had been using a spreadsheet to manage their work, which made it labor intensive to create reports to understand their workload and resource needs. Nate implemented MaintenanceEdge to ensure he could easily pull the data needed to present to decision makers and justify requests.

“With MaintenanceEdge, it’s so quick to pull reports that now I can tell the story financially, which really helps, because numbers are the language the elected officials speak in. They like the accuracy of the data I can provide for them now and it’s a lot easier for me to justify my budget when I have the numbers to back it up."

Over the past few years, Nathan has seen other departments get their budgets reduced while his has increased. He says: “Having the numbers gives me an edge when presenting my budget for review. I’ve seen other departments getting their budget cut or staying the same, while my budget has increased.”

Nathan adds that their department communication has improved with the use of a web-based CMMS: “MaintenanceEdge has really sped up our work processes because we are all working from the same system now which means everyone always has the information they need, which helps all of us. I have a better idea of what work is being done, by who, and when. The team all knows what work they have waiting and knows what they need to do next, so they can move from one item to the next quickly.”

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