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Meet Energy Manager, a cloud based tool that enables building operators to identify waste, improve sustainability, prioritize action, and make data driven decisions, all from one centralized place. Energy Manager is a solution built for everyone, no matter their energy expertise to help their work in education, government, health care, and manufacturing. It's equipped with plenty of features that will equip you to identify energy waste within your buildings, and save money for your organization. First off, you'll get advanced reporting and benchmarking, making it easier to unlock insights from your data, communicate with stakeholders and guide your decisions. You'll also have energy savings actions to prove ROI on capital projects, create checklists for walkthroughs and shutdowns, and track energy maintenance issues. accurately measure and verify your overall savings. avoided costs and successes, all while factoring in weather and other factors in accordance with the IPM VP. Use our interval data recording and management tool to address waste before next month utility bill with access to your buildings near real time data, save time and ensure your utility database is up to date using our automated build population service. Then share your energy program success and progress with stakeholders using the public billboard tool. With all these features connected together, you'll never have to worry about staying on top of your energy again, Energy Manager identify waste and save money. Visit dude today to get started

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