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Software for Simplifying Events

Facility Scheduling

Just like your event, your event scheduling software should be organized, simple and centralized. That’s where Dude Solutions comes in.

How do you organize and execute your event-related tasks?

Use our event scheduling software to streamline every step of your event planning process, from the initial request to event prep to invoicing. You’ll have the tools track maintenance, costs and more to ensure you’re getting the most out of events at your facility.

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with our simple solutions for event scheduling.

  • Easily track the details and costs surrounding events
  • See all event-related tasks and details in one calendar view
  • Give your community access to a public events calendar

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System Automation

With our system automation software for events, you can streamline all of the utility needs surrounding an event at your facility, from HVAC to lighting and more.

Are you automating your operations during events?

Working with your building automation system (BAS), our software helps you make your facilities as efficient as possible by automating utilities before, during and after an event.

This can help you find easy ways to save energy, money and more to keep your staff and community happy.

  • Create more efficiencies around after-hours events
  • Integrate with event scheduling software
  • View and share data and reporting on facility use for events

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Event Publisher

Your event is only as good as the promotion and engagement behind it.

But how do you promote your event to your community?

With Event Publisher from Dude Solutions, you can master the art of organizing and marketing your organization’s events, all in an easy-to-use online event calendar. Publish and promote your events online in minutes, then find creative ways through social sharing and SEO to keep your greater community in the loop.

You’ll be able to create an interactive event calendar that’s customized and branded just like you want to match your current website. And it makes managing ticketing and the sale of promotional material that much simpler when it’s all housed in one place.

Our event promotion software gives you the power to:

  • Publish all of your events on a branded calendar
  • Promote events with built-in event promotion, SEO and social sharing tools
  • Engage with your community to improve word-of-mouth marketing and involvement

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