Work Smarter, Not Harder

Solve Your Maintenance Management Challenges with Insightful Software

A Better Way to Work

Maintenance professionals love the work they do – but not the work that keeps them from solving problems and making a difference for the organizations they serve.

The journey to a better way to work starts with Dude Solutions — a streamlined solution for efficient operations, total asset awareness, mobile capabilities and a connected partner and community ecosystem.

More purpose, more control, more knowledge – all at your fingertips.

Simplify the Day-to-Day

Give your team anytime, anywhere access to the information and tools they need to do their jobs.

  • Manage all your work orders, assets and maintenance activity in one place
  • Communicate clearly with requestors and technicians
  • Give your team mobile tools for productivity in the field
  • Have complete command of your operations — anytime, anywhere

Know What to Do

Eliminate paper and digitize work orders to make everyone’s job easier and more streamlined.

  • Connect your work to your assets, and know where to find everything
  • Automate maintenance alerts and respond with speed
  • Know how to fix it yourself, order the right parts or who to call if you need help
  • Prioritize work with confidence using insights from your data

Predict the Future

You can’t manage operations without knowing what you’ve got, what shape it’s in and where you want to go next.

  • See your upcoming workload and schedule preventive maintenance
  • Compare your progress with industry benchmarks and KPIs
  • Forecast into the future for resource and budget planning
  • Drive decision-making with Dude Intelligence, the world’s smartest operations engine

Work & Asset Management

Our work order and asset management software empowers your operations teams with more efficient workflows, total asset awareness, mobile capabilities and a connected community-driven ecosystem.


  • Manage your work orders, assets and maintenance activity in one place
  • Tackle daily demands with mobile CMMS tools built for today's work
  • Drive adoption among users and technicians


  • Connect work to assets for improved tracking and analysis
  • Take advantage of Dude Intelligence’s KPIs and benchmarking
  • Develop custom reports for key stakeholders


  • Extend the life your assets by predicting problems before they occur
  • Track trends with data on conditions, work history and more
  • Create automated workflows for maintenance alerts and scheduling in real-time

Features Overview

Efficient Operations

Empower stakeholders with one-click requesting. Streamline team assignments and easily record all work done on assets and locations.

Asset Awareness

Know your operations inside and out. Leverage asset-centric data for context-specific intelligence. Identify problems, prescribe solutions.

Mobile Capabilities

Modern SaaS platform built to work on any device, giving teams powerful tools that work seamlessly wherever their work takes them.

Connected Ecosystem

Built with the help of the Dude community. Tap into 15 years of operations best practices, customer intelligence and third-party data.

Capital Forecasting

Our capital planning software helps identify where repairs, renovations and replacements are required, allowing you to accurately calculate costs and prioritize projects.

How much is your current process actually costing you?

It seems like every year, planning and budgeting become more of a moving target. But what if you knew when your major equipment assets would need repair or replacement?

Dude Solutions makes answering that question, and the "repair vs. replace" dilemma, simple - with capital forecasting software that utilizes your real-time facility and maintenance data to help you project and prioritize capital projects. Quickly look at all the numbers (on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) to see what the best decision is for your staff, resources, time and budget.

  • Access customizable reports for analyzing capital budgets and expenditures
  • Reduce your risk by ensuring needs are properly prioritized
  • Improve transparency by producing comprehensive financial reports

Learn more about Capital Forecasting Software

Automation & Alarm Management

Our building automation and alarm management software receives notifications, evaluates them and automates the process of generating work orders based on alarm priority.

How smart is your facility?

Imagine a world where you knew what was going to go wrong at your facility before it even happened. Believe it or not – it’s all possible with Dude Solutions.

Our cloud-based software for alarm and building automation works behind the scenes to track if something doesn’t seem right and alert you to it.

  • Automatically generate work orders for building alarms
  • Remove duplicate and nuisance alarms
  • Reduce liability by responding to major issues before they become emergencies

Learn more about Alarm Management Software

GIS & Field Crews

Our field crew and geographical information system (GIS) solutions streamline the maintenance process by taking in citizen requests, visualizing where assets and personnel are deployed in the community, and automatically assigning the closest resources to respond.

How much windshield time do you waste?

When you get a call or request for maintenance, how do you decide who is the closest and best technician for the task? And then how do you spread the word between your office and field crew?

Do all of that with one simple step through Dude Solutions’ field crew and GIS software. Our mobile, map-based tools allow you to see who is working where, as well as make all the work order details they need available right on their smartphone.

  • Drive point-to-point to improve efficiency of routes
  • Simplify work orders by attaching media-rich content
  • Improve responsiveness and citizen communication about issues in the community

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