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Dude Intelligence

The first community-driven operations platform powered by the world's smartest operations engine Next Section

Your data made visible, provable, actionable.

Dude Intelligence is a revolutionary new platform that combines operational insight, management and strategy. It's how we help you take your operations to the next level, enhancing your control and visibility so you can make smarter, swifter, more strategic decisions.

Turn your data into information. Turn your information into knowledge. Turn your knowledge into insight.

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We aggregate. You accelerate.


Execute, monitor, and maintain assets and workflow. Capture operations data across multiple sources and locations. Support processes that best drive operational efficiency.


Transform your data from across your applications into knowledge. Benchmark your performance against that of your peers, and spot trends so you can drill down into root-cause analysis.


Develop action plans for improvement while automating core processes. Deliver tasks and information directly to users, and ensure process changes are implemented and refined as needed.

Making operations easier — it's our business.

Helping thousands of organizations like yours streamline systems, pinpoint inefficiencies and reinvent their operations has been the foundation of what Dude Solutions does from the beginning.

Over the years, we've securely collected, compiled and analyzed terabytes of data from millions of actions. With every flickering lightbulb, fried motherboard and leaky faucet, The Dude grows smarter —and we pass that knowledge on to you.

Our Dude Intelligence platform makes you an expert in your data. See your operations made clear. Know how you compare. Solve problems before they happen, and know your next action is the best one. That's how we help you get ahead.

Why use Dude Intelligence?

  • Showcase the impact you're making in your institution and community
  • Justify staff, resources, customer service, responsiveness and productivity
  • Highlight successes as well as opportunities for enhancement
  • Tap into the operational best practices of your industry peers
  • Leverage the full power of the Dude Solutions platform, today and in the future

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