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Energy Management

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Conservation, Clarity and Control

Create unprecedented clarity into your utility bills and identify areas of cost savings while improving your facility’s conservation programs and syncing with ENERGY STAR®. No more billing surprises.

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No more billing surprises; more energy wins

Whether you're an education institution, a hospital or a private organization, utilities can be a drain on your resources. But, at the same time, they're often the most overlooked as a source of cost savings. Enter Dude Solutions' Energy Manager™, a new way to approach energy consumption, clarity and control.

Gather detailed information on your current utility spend to identify possible billing errors, centralize billing and meter readers, and more. With enhanced visibility, you'll uncover areas for improvement and gain a deeper understanding of your energy consumption. Create unlimited reports for compliance, show the progress of your energy efforts and more all from a user-friendly solution.

Track Utilities

Uncover costly billing errors by tracking your utilities from a central dashboard.

Reduce Energy Costs

Identify areas for improvement and create unlimited reports to prove the value of your efforts.

Automate Scoring

Track your ENERGY STAR score with easy data importation and updates.

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Scott Dorough Western Washington University
“We have a revolving energy fund that supports our conservation activities, and with Dude Solutions, I’m able to quickly generate reports that show the effectiveness of executed projects.”

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