Facility Scheduling

Event Planning & Execution Simplified

No matter what type of event is held at your facility, from a community celebration to a church meeting, you provide an important space to your community – and you should benefit from that.

What’s your process for facility scheduling for events?

Dude Solutions’ facility scheduling software gives you the power to streamline and manage the process of renting your facilities for events, from request to invoice. Our user-friendly system allows you to manage usage requests and requirements, track event schedules and account for usage expenses. This can help ensure that you’re maximizing your efficiency and getting reimbursed for your resources.

Use our simple event calendar to keep track of everything going on at your facilities and ensure everyone else across departments knows what is happening and when.

  • Mitigate risk by tracking who is in your facilities and what space is being used
  • Document facility usage costs to help justify rental rates and improve cost recovery
  • Provide public events calendar views by month, day, week and events list, plus location and organization type
  • Utilize online payments to simplify the billing process

Over 4 years, our [event] revenue went from $49,000 per year to now over $150,000 annually. It feels good to contribute to the funds for the district.

Rich KrumrineSupervisor of Buildings and Grounds at Great Valley School District

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