System Automation for Events

Automate Your Utilities for Events

If you host events at your facility, then you know what a hassle it is to ensure that buildings stay clean, cooling and heating is regulated, and lights are turned off afterward. Otherwise, you can find yourself losing money with an inefficient event process.

How do you utilize your building automation system during events?

With Dude Solutions’ FS Automation, you can harness the power of your building automation system (BAS) to control the efficiency of your facilities while hosting events. Coordinate utilities like HVAC, lighting and other systems to make the space comfortable without wasting your resources.

Our system automation software can put your mind to ease knowing that everything is taken care of for an event, no matter the time or place… and you won’t have to be there to oversee it all.

  • Optimize after-hours facility schedules based on usage
  • Automatically integrate your event schedule with your building management system
  • Access documentation and data on all scheduled events, cancellations and overrides

Dive into our software for Event Management