Inventory Management

Your Mobile Inventory Solution

Whether your current equipment and asset inventory is contained in spreadsheets, folders or on sticky notes, it’s difficult to track everything between your office, field workers and a number of different systems.

Where is your inventory data?

With our inventory management solution, you have access to all the relevant asset management data you need in one place — on your mobile device.

Be notified before you run out of something and use equipment life cycles to know exactly when to repair or replace something to cut down on waste like dead inventory and inventory-related costs. We can help you establish a simple inventory system that maximizes your time, budget and assets.

  • Manage inventory items by category types and link to a specific location, project, person or work order
  • Users can make online requests and receive email notifications on what was approved, denied or on back order
  • View lists of items that need to be ordered and generate detailed reports and graphs on inventory management

We’ve saved money with [Dude Solutions] because now we have a better understanding of our inventory usage and habits.

Tammy Brisco WestPurchasing Director for Chaves County, NM

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