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Be Ready When All Eyes Are on You

There are many large and small ways you serve your people every day. But when a safety or security issue arises, will you be ready when it counts?

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How prepared is your organization for the unexpected?

From routine issues to large crises, the unexpected happens to us all at some point. Sometimes it’s a minor repair needed on a machine or system that can wait until tomorrow. But other times, it’s an emergency response to an immediate danger in your building or community with high stakes. Or a natural disaster that becomes a threat within a matter of hours.

No matter the case, having the right information at your fingertips is key to how successfully you're able to manage the situation. Our safety solution is designed to give you instant access to the information you need (like safety manuals, protocols and SDSs), when and where you need it, from the one device you take with you wherever you go — your phone.

Access Procedures

When a crisis happens, it's not the time to track down that old safety binder. Have your action plan ready at a moment's notice.

Increase Communication

When your community is threatened, rely on smart software to distribute instructions and action plans quickly and efficiently.

Mobilize Plans

Safety issues rarely keep you at your desk. Access plans by tablet or phone when you're providing help out in the community.

Safety Solutions
Mike Ceperley  Emergency Management Coordinator, Northwest University Police
“The app gives us the flexibility needed to customize and publish the policies and procedures in the format we prefer and clearly shares easy-to-read instructional diagrams. A huge part of the mobile app's benefit to our community is that it's accessible even when communications and power are lost.”

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