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Take Control of Your IT Asset Inventory

It’s no easy feat to keep track of all of your IT assets, not to mention all of the other devices on your network at any given moment. With Insight, you’ll automatically discover and monitor all IP-addressable devices on your network. Our agentless asset discovery and monitoring tool captures critical status updates across software, operating systems, warranty status and more.

We can help you have eyes and ears across your organization, simplifying the administration of your technology infrastructure. Whether you need to keep track of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies or update the software on hundreds of devices, it can all be done faster and easier than ever before.


  • Agentless Discovery – Capture vital information, such as ownership, location, total cost of ownership and more, without having to install agents on devices for a short implementation
  • Increased Efficiency – Automated identification of hardware and software via agentless discovery ensures that you capture all IP addresses on your network for your IT inventory without manual input
  • Data Collection – With detailed information, such as users, location and more, you’ll be able to develop actionable insights for more informed decision making
  • Budget & Planning – Capture the total cost of ownership with a centralized tool, including initial investment and cost of labor
  • Reporting – With reports and dashboards, increase reporting efficiency and accuracy to justify spend and support budget requests

We now support approximately 4,000 computers. I’m down a full-time technician, yet we’re handling the workload seamlessly.

Dana LighthallDesktop Support Manager for Kirkwood Community College

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