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Aspirus Wausau Hospital Client Success Story

Jason Kohlbeck, Director of Facilities and Clinics, and Ben Nowak, Maintenance Supervisor

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Wausau, Wisconsin


800,000 sq. ft. and 21 clinics managed


Finding maintenance software catered to hospitals


The switch to TheWorxHub has saved time and improved compliance processes

When you talk to Jason Kohlbeck or Ben Nowak at Aspirus Wausau Hospital, you get the full picture of the operations at their hospital. After all, they’ve been with the system for a combined 31 years.

Aspirus Wausau is the largest of eight hospitals in the system with their maintenance department managing 1.2 million sq. ft. of facilities and clinics. Their department consists of 26 employees with a variety of skill sets, including mechanics, clinic maintenance technicians, electricians, coordinators, a carpenter and a supervisor.

Finding a better system

They realized their team’s need for software to manage their workflow back in 2005, but the system they signed on with was made for manufacturing plants. When they discovered Dude Solutions’ MaintenanceEdgeTM in 2014, they made the switch to take advantage of a variety of features.

“As a director, the customer service has been far above what I’ve experienced with other work order type systems,” Jason says. “What really impressed me about Dude Solutions was that we had a dedicated person with Shannon (client enablement specialist). She has been phenomenal with the support and helping us navigate through the changes.”

Ben echoes that thought: “If I have a question, I have an answer in 15 or 20 minutes.”

After using MaintenanceEdge for a few years, they heard about Dude Solutions’ new healthcare-specific CMMS – TheWorxHubTM. Jason said they were instantly intrigued with the features specific to compliance, rounding, risk assessments and more.

“We wanted to go with a product that was designed for our type of environment,” he said.

As we’ve started to utilize TheWorxHub, we’re seeing that it really is tailored toward hospitals.


Now with TheWorxHub, we can bring into it a lot more of the compliance issues that we have as a healthcare facility. After using it, you can see how it really helps to keep you organized and on track to be compliant.”

The beginnings of change

The team has only been using TheWorxHub for a few months, but they have already seen positive changes. Ben says reporting has improved, as well as the ability to use the navigation and search function. “What used to take 10-15 minutes to find only takes a minute now,” he says. “It’s so easy to search on the system.”

They currently use the system to:

  • Manage maintenance workflow
  • Schedule preventive maintenance (PM) tasks
  • Process work orders
  • Produce reports

Ben pulls productivity reports to tie work back to the technicians, as well as ensure there are PMs tied to compliance in the system. “We can make sure things are not getting overlooked. Before, you just didn’t have that visual,” Jason says. “Being able to have that in front of you with the dashboard is very helpful.”

When a work order comes in, Ben makes sure there is enough information and asks for more if needed. This system has led to a reduction in incomplete work orders being submitted by requesters. “It’s a lot easier for them to put in work orders. It’s a quick four steps and you’re done,” he says.

Additionally, they have a report of all incoming work orders that is displayed on their monitor, so technicians can get a quick overview of what needs to be done and even assign work to him or herself if on the overnight shift.

Better decision-making with data

They are also able to see patterns in the data to help make better decisions. “We can show the department that these are the areas we need to address,” Jason says, as well as looking at capital budget needs with pieces of equipment, etc.

Jason and Ben have seen change within their staff and beyond. “We get feedback that the workflow is better,” Jason says. “I don’t think we did a really good job in the past attaching assets to work orders so we could track that back. In my mind, that’s one of the most important things about a CMMS system – that you are able to track back to that asset and see its history since you’re basing a lot of your decisions on that.”

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