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Success Story

Bishop Lynch High School Client Success Story

Jaynie Poff, Chief Financial Officer

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Dallas, TX


1,035 students


Complex event scheduling process that led to double bookings


Prevent scheduling conflicts with a clear and easy-to-use system

Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, TX hosts hundreds of events each year. Their old process for scheduling events was a lengthy, time intensive process that included a meeting in which staff gathered to look at the upcoming month’s event calendar and identify any scheduling conflicts. Even still, Bishop Lynch occasionally ended up with double bookings in their facility.

Jaynie Poff, Chief Financial Officer, and her colleagues knew there had to be a better process. So when Jaynie heard about Dude Solutions Event Management, mentioned at the National Business Officer’s Association (NBOA) annual meeting, she knew she had to learn more about it. Bishop Lynch decided to move forward with the solution because they liked how it allows them to see scheduling conflicts before they happen. They also appreciate how they can customize the routing and approval process, and that usage requests are submitted through an online portal. With their legacy process, one individual would create an outlook event for each event, so utilizing an online portal greatly sped up the event scheduling process.

To roll the system out to faculty and staff, the Bishop Lynch leaders held a training day. Department heads attended the training and then shared the information with their teams.

[Dude Solutions Event Management] is a pretty intuitive product. Staff picked it up really quickly.


Overall, Bishop Lynch has been very pleased with the solution. Using a cloud-based solution has cut down on the number of man-hours needed for data entry. It has also reduced the number of double bookings and allowed the faculty and staff to better manage the facility space usage to improve parking when there are coinciding events. After the success they’ve seen with an events management solution, Bishop Lynch looks forward to bringing on more Dude Solutions applications to streamline other areas of their operations.

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