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Christian Academy Client Success Story

George Skeeters, Director of Facilities

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Louisville, Kentucky


8 schools, 3,000 students


Wanted an online solution to prove the positive impact of maintenance management


Significantly lowered operations costs with new work order system

Christian Academy drastically cuts operating costs by automating its work order system with Dude Solutions

A growing trend for our private, independent schools is to become better facility stewards and to operate in a more technologically advanced manner that promotes efficiency and effectiveness. George Skeeters, director of facilities at Christian Academy, recognized the impact quality facilities have on student learning and how technology could provide budget savings for his maintenance and operations department. He began looking for an online solution that could fulfill his needs.

Christian Academy automated its work order process with Dude Solutions Work & Asset ManagementTM, enabling requesters to submit work requests over the internet and automating the process of routing requests for approval and completion. Requesters receive status updates on their requests from assignment to completion. This information is also available online through a personal request page where requesters can easily view their work order history and request status.

Dude Solutions Work & Asset’s efficiency has greatly surpassed the school’s old paper system, completing 2,344 work orders per year and saving them $219,420 annually. It has also helped improve communication, while providing increased accountability and immediate cost savings.

Technicians can now look at work well in advance, check equipment history and schedule the next week’s work by priority.

The solution eliminated missed work orders and can track the team’s efficiency through comparative analysis. The reports also help Christian Academy identify repetitive problems.

Additionally, Christian Academy has implemented a preventive maintenance program with Dude Solutions. They can now track preventive maintenance schedules and automatically generate work orders when they are due. The academy completed 491 preventive maintenance work orders in 1 year.

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