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Hood County, TX Client Success Story

Tim Flower, Director of Facilities

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Hood County, Texas

  • Population of 51,670; 14 public buildings
  • Tracking work on paper meant requests often got lost and it was difficult to get updates

Work is now documented in one central database and nothing is overlooked

Prior to using Dude Solutions, our work orders were being handwritten. We might receive them over the phone, in person or through an email, and then we’d have to write up the request ourselves. One of the biggest challenges with this informal request process was when a technician would be on the way to a job and someone would stop them and ask them to fix something else. The requestor would expect the technician to remember that, which is hard and so things would fall through the cracks. Another issue we were dealing with was when a technician would be onsite fixing one problem, and then a building occupant would spring two or three more requests on them and expect those to be done right then, too. This would throw off our schedule and disrupt what expectations had been set for the day

I started searching for a work order system and looked at a number of different programs. We even tried some of the 30- or 60-day trials, but there was so much setup needed for those systems that we couldn’t even get them underway in that time. I took at look at Dude Solutions, and it was simple to use, so I chose it. We put together a work order policy, which we took to the commissioners and got approved. There are now concrete steps to follow to request maintenance, which helps us ensure everything requested is getting done and we’re not missing anything.

Implementation went well, thanks to the assistance of the client services team – they are extremely helpful. It’s the best customer support I’ve ever gotten from anyone. They are willing to go in and help us however we need. All of our users have found it easy to put in work orders. Out of 350 employees, no one has had any problem using the system.

New system vs. paper process

Using MaintenanceEdge definitely saves us time. I see every work order that comes in and assign it to the appropriate person. When we were using paper, requests would get lost and it was hard to prioritize work for the team. I’ve seen time savings in regards to updates from technicians. Before, getting updates was a battle and I would spend a lot of time tracking people down for information. I can now easily get updates without having to take the time to have a conversation with each tech. I can look and see what they’ve done, any parts they used, where they are, and if they need something. I have all the data I need. It’s also been a huge help to have requestors get updates automatically. They don’t have to call me all the time now, which frees up my time. It’s relieved stress for all of us.

Another benefit of MaintenanceEdge is that it’s created a thorough, central database for us to track maintenance on our buildings and equipment. 

Not only can I easily access updates and view completed work, I can also track what’s been done on each piece of equipment.


I can quickly get the information I need to see if we’re doing too much work on any one piece. Before, all of that was on paper, and we’d have to rely on memory or dig for all those papers to see the big picture. Now, I can see if we’re spending too much time and money on a machine and decide whether we need to think about replacing it.

Improving preventive maintenance

We’ve also been able to increase our preventive maintenance work, which is a big help. We’ve caught minor problems before they’ve become major problems. Our air filters are a great example of how PM has improved our operations. Before, replacing filters was something that we tried to do on a regular basis but often more urgent work preempted them. We now get it done every month and I’ve had a lot less complaints about the air quality. I now have peace of mind knowing all of that is getting done when it should.

Having MaintenanceEdge has eased the burden on me, helped me understand just how much my team gets done, and helped us become more proactive. It’s fantastic software that is very user friendly and economical. It’s certainly helped our department!

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