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Johnston County Schools Client Success Story

Kathy Price, Executive Director for Educator Effectiveness

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Johnston County, NC


Over 5,000 district employees


With multiple unreliable calendars, communicating event details became a disorganized hassle.


A centralized calendar that utilizes filtering now easily displays all event information in one easy-to-find place.

As Executive Director for Educator Effectiveness, Kathy Price has the duty of communicating information to a large number of Johnston County School District employees, media outlets and the broader community regarding opportunities for professional development. Her office plays an integral role within the district, offering a variety of professional learning classes and events. For a while, this was proving to be quite the challenge, with Kathy relying on multiple calendars and running documents to try to communicate all the different offerings. The problem was that event details needed to be provided to different audiences, and there was a lot to keep up with — an average of 20 events are offered weekly through her office, and some overlap.

The system in place was cluttered and hard to read, resulting in many people not being able to find what they needed. Knowing a change was in order, Kathy searched online and found Dude Solutions. After reading about Dude Solutions Event Management and watching online demos, she was interested in the product’s filtering capabilities and liked that the platform could be searchable by keyword, audience, date etc. “It was more robust than what we previously had, which was just a static grid of a whole bunch of stuff,” Kathy says. “Nothing was streamlined, and it was not in one location.”

She contacted Dude Solutions to get started, and a representative walked her through the solution and helped her see how it could accommodate exactly what she was looking for. “She took me through three or four two-hour chunks of time walking me through the platform itself, and in between each time...I was able to kind of play in the sandbox and apply some things and experiment,” Kathy says. Pretty soon, she and her team were up and running with Dude Solutions Event Management, using the centralized calendar to store and communicate all event offerings in one accessible, easy-to-navigate place.

The collective response since has been highly positive, with Kathy reporting that her office is ecstatic and very appreciative that the solution is so easy and effective. With the success they’ve had in just three months of using Dude Solutions Event Management, Kathy is already recommending the platform to other departments and even suggested that the District Chief of Communication and Engagement try using it at the district level.

A huge reason I would advocate for Dude Solutions Event Management is the ability to search in multiple ways.


Kathy says this is a benefit, as well as “the ability to import a dynamic feed into our Google calendar. We are so deeply entrenched with Google, that’s really helpful. To be within Google and just turn that feed on and see what we need to see without having to go out is very nice.”

She also reports having a great experience with her Dude Solutions client services team. “It took me a while to let go of her. She was always very responsive. She never led me to believe I was bothering her,” says Kathy. Regarding the service she’s now receiving post implementation, she states, “We’ve been very pleased there. The response time has been more than adequate, within 24 hours, so it’s all good stuff.”

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