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Kentucky Association of Counties Client Success Story

Denny Nunnelley, Executive Director and Brian Roy, Deputy Executive Director

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Frankfort, Kentucky


Needed to track savings promised with performance contracts to guarantee success and needed a tool to help with the LEED recertification process


Able to monitor utility use, verify accuracy and prevent energy waste only a few clicks

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is committed to recognizing the importance of improving energy efficiency. Five years ago, Governor Steve Beshear released an energy plan focused on improving energy efficiency throughout the state of Kentucky by 18%, along with creating jobs, emphasizing the need for energy security and offsetting rising energy costs. In May 2013, a revised Action Plan for Kentucky’s Energy Efficiency was released with data analysis and additional information regarding the effectiveness of their continuing efforts to improve efficiency.

The Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) is doing their part to promote Governor Beshear’s initiative and is committed to promoting a culture of energy efficiency throughout Kentucky’s 120 counties. According to Executive Director Denny Nunnelley, one particular example has been through the partnership created with Dude Solutions to utilize online tools to streamline their maintenance operations, as well as track utility usage and other costs related to the heating and cooling of their buildings.

Director Nunnelley says a major benefit of partnering with Dude Solutions is the ability to monitor energy use associated with performance contracts that make claims to guarantee energy savings, but have no way to ensure that those projected savings are actually delivered. An energy tracking tool allows counties to monitor progress in real time, verify accuracy and justify the need for potential future projects.

The Kentucky Association of Counties moved into their Gold LEED certified building in September 2010. Constructing a Gold LEED certified building was a major undertaking for the association and they are proud to boast one of only a few Gold certified buildings in Kentucky. Brian Roy, KACo’s Deputy Executive Director, states, “KACo’s intent in constructing an energy efficient building was to be an example for other government agencies to recognize the importance of energy efficiency and to know that achieving certifications like the Gold status can be attained right here in the commonwealth.” 

Our energy tracking solution is also an excellent tool in the recertification process to provide documentation that KACo is continuously tracking energy consumption and maintaining reports needed to meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Energy for the Gold level of recertification.

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