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Kimball Public Schools Client Success Story

Gregg Fossand, Transportation/Building & Grounds Director

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Kimball, NE


550 students


Finding an effective system to keep up with maintenance tasks


A streamlined maintenance system with more accountability through tracking and reporting

Though Kimball Public Schools only has 2 buildings and 550 students, the district needed a CMMS to track its maintenance workload with a maintenance team of only 2 people. The Transportation/Building & Grounds Director, Gregg Fossand, was new to his position during the evaluation and implementation of SchoolDude’s maintenance solution. “Streamlining our processes greatly helped the transition into my new role,” said Gregg.

“We had no form of tracking requests or work order records before I arrived at the district. I was starting from ground zero,” Gregg noted. Though he had no previous work order data to benchmark his team’s progress going forward, he saw benefits immediately with SchoolDude.

With a system to track work orders, Gregg now has increased control. 

I can hold my team more accountable and keep up on projects. Tracking and documented records is a load off my mind and desk.


He has also seen improved communication with faculty due to automated emails to requesters with the status of their request. “Receiving less phone calls and hearing customer service has improved incentivizes my team to use SchoolDude,” said Gregg. Kimball Public Schools’ average work order completion time is only one day, and Gregg can now measure this trend going forward.

Maintenance teams often don’t get recognized, but SchoolDude allows Gregg to show the work his team is completing. “As a small school, I work closely with our Superintendent. The School Board better understands what my team does day-to-day with SchoolDude’s reports,” Gregg said.

Embracing the future with SchoolDude

Gregg has ambitions moving forward to further improve the district’s operations. He plans to add financials to work orders to build out more robust reports for budgeting purposes, as well as to make repair versus replace comparisons to justify decisions. Kimball also added SchoolDude’s field trip scheduling solution to improve the trip scheduling process. Previously, Gregg would receive multiple calls about one trip and receive requests for cost reports per trip that would take him days to pull. Now, with a centralized trip management platform, he receives trip requests sooner, gets fewer phone calls with questions, and can pull Board-requested reports quickly and easily.

Gregg recommends small schools use a tracking system for their maintenance and transportation needs regardless of their size. Though Kimball only has 2 buildings, facilities always need repair and tracking is critical to managing the entire work order flow. “Time savings is especially important for a lean team. When there are only 2 people, shaving minutes off tasks adds up,” said Gregg. He recommends that when schools evaluate operations solutions, they also pay attention to customer service. “Service is critically important when evaluating vendors. It can make or break the implementation process. The implementation with SchoolDude has been very smooth thanks to their fantastic support staff.”

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