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Manufacturing Onsite Services Client Success Story

Commonwealth Brands, Engineered Control Solutions, JMA Wireless, Alfa Laval

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Manufacturers Get Up and Running Painlessly Thanks to Dude Solutions’ Dedicated Onsite Services

Implementing any new software can be a time-consuming and challenging task. The user has to consider requirements, installation, configuration, testing, systems integrations, user training and more. And, once a client signs a contract for the software, users are often left to sort out implementation and startup on their own while continuing their day-to-day work.

Our customer-centric culture always puts the client first. From the first phone call to daily use of the software, we work closely with our clients to ensure their success. Although Dude Solution’s easy-to-read interface and user-friendly design enables clients to get started on their own, onsite services can streamline the process and set teams for continued success.

Dude Solutions onsite services expedite a new customers’ growth into our platform. Whether a client is migrating from another solution or starting their CMMS journey from scratch, having a team member onsite will help the organization see faster time to value, increasing adoption within the workforce.

Why choose The Dude?

Many of our clients choose Dude Solutions because of the easy to use, cloud-based platform. Tommy Pruitt from Commonwealth Brands, Inc. said “we constantly had problems with [our previous software], we had no software support and PMs were not automatically recurring. It was difficult to use and wasn’t web-based.”

Dude Solutions stands out against competitors.

“It had the cleanest interface,” said Robert Martz, Plant Manager at Engineered Controls. “We wanted something cloud-based and easy to use. The way the licensing agreement is set up where you aren’t charged for requestors but instead only for the people using the system day in and day out is the best set up and fairest for users and customers.”

Extra features enhance a user’s day-to-day work. Duane Wilson from Engineered Controls found Dude Solutions while looking for a solution that allowed his team to use iPads, and Robert was happy to see that Dude Solutions partnered with vendors such as Johnson Controls to create a seamless integration.

Once signed on to the platform, it was time to implement.

Getting up to speed – with speed

Even though implementation requires multiple steps, it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Longer implementation seems to be the norm – so the short time to startup provided by Dude Solution’s onsite services is a surprise for clients.

“The implementation was beyond my wildest dreams. We were quickly set up and running. I was absolutely blown away.” “What he did in one week, I had anticipated a month for – their knowledge of the system and ways to implement were critical in getting a quick turnaround.” Bill Hoff, Director of Facilities New York State - JMA Wireless, admitted that he anticipated a long rollout due to his previous experience with implementing new software. “At my previous job, we had about 12 buildings, and I did everything by hand one by one,” he said. “What our Dude consultant did in one week, I had anticipated a month – his knowledge of the system and ways to implement were critical in getting a quick turnaround.”

With these services, a dedicated Dude team member spends multiple days in-person with the client, ensuring the platform is properly implemented and everyone is trained. Once the system is up and running, the user won’t feel as though they’re left on their own thanks to the time that the team member spent with them.

“The implementation was beyond my wildest dreams,” Robert said.


We were quickly set up and running. I was absolutely blown away. All the equipment was put into the system [without manual entry]. We can easily add work centers, and the system is intuitively set up and so logical while many others aren’t.

Adding a personal touch

Having the Dude onsite added a personal touch. Seeing firsthand how clients use the platform allows the Dude team member to make tailored suggestions for improvement and training that will benefit the organization.

With a Dude Solutions consultant onsite, Duane was able to take better control of their inventory. They not only assisted in getting the team out of their old platform, but also numbered Engineered Controls’ equipment for better visibility. Likewise, Tommy had a great deal of help from his onsite services team member, who helped tailor their platform to their unique needs.

“He was a really big help,” Tommy said. “There’s no way we’d be where we are now without their help and ideas on how to set up our maintenance system. The biggest thing is that they saw how our maintenance department works, and helped us adjust Dude Solutions to our facility and department.”

Getting a new system in place is never easy. With the right help, implementation can be a smooth transition. Having a dedicated team member with clients at startup can make a huge difference down the road. With a personalized, dedicated touch, onsite services can allow you to hit the ground running.

“I highly recommend the on-site installation boot camp,” said Jim Harrison from Alfa Laval. “We would not have been nearly as far along without this support.”

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