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Martha's Vineyard Hospital Client Success Story

Braden Witt, Lead Mechanic

5 mins

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Oak Bluffs, MA

  • 25-bed critical access care hospital 
  • 170,000 sq. ft. 
  • 633 employees and 7-person maintenance team 
  • Finding software to help them stay compliant with maintenance work and push their energy initiatives forward. 

With TheWorxHub™ and Energy Manager™, they can deliver better customer service, track their work and savings, and achieve a safer operation.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Experiences Operational Efficiency & Energy Savings with Dude Solutions

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is critical to their island community, as they’re the island’s largest healthcare provider, offering emergency services, outpatient, operating room and acute care from their 25-bed critical access hospital. After all, their community size fluctuates from 17,000 residents to more than 100,000 in the summer. 

All the more reason why they were happy to find operations software designed for their unique environment. 

Making a switch 

Before TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions, they were using MaintenanceEdge (classic software from Dude Solutions) to manage maintenance tasks, work orders, preventive maintenance, etc. — but it wasn’t designed for the regulatory environment within healthcare. 

“We were looking for a product that made it easier to manage our regulatory environment and the hospital operation as a whole and that’s when we came to discover TheWorxHub,” says Braden Witt, Lead Mechanic. “It was just a no-brainer to switch over to TheWorxHub for a product that was built for healthcare.” 

They’ve also benefitted from the ease of use and workflow improvements from the mobile operations management system with solutions for maintenance, PO and inventory, analytics, and more. 

“TheWorxHub takes the many layers of your hospital operation and combines them into one really easy-to-use feature,” Braden says.

We’ve seen a huge increase to the services we’re able to provide to our community through a safer, more streamlined operation.

Empowering their team 

The facilities team at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital consists of Braden, the director, manager and four technicians. The hospital depends on this team, which is apparent in that more than half (374) of the hospital’s 633 employees are registered work requesters in TheWorxHub. 

This rise in communication with better software has led to more trust and transparency from their team to others who request work, Braden says. 

“Requesters see us showing up to something within seconds of a request coming in. Departments know that when they put in a ticket, they’re getting service and they’re seeing resolution,” Braden says. “At least once a week, I hear someone say: ‘Wow, that was fast!’” 

He also attributes the increase in service to the technicians using tablets to complete work. This has led to a noticeable improvement in their completion times. 

“Our completion times have skyrocketed from being months down to 3-5 days on average,” Braden says. He goes on to talk about the impact on inventory. “It’s saving money in purchasing, as we are more able to do bulk purchasing, see what’s coming in and what’s needed.” 

More preventive & predictive 

The impact on their preventive maintenance program has been “one of the biggest benefits,” according to Braden. Where they used to be doing 20 preventive maintenance tasks (or PMs) before TheWorxHub, they’re now at about 300 a month, which is creating a safer environment with less reactive work. 

“TheWorxHub has given us the ability to take the strength of our team and dictate what PMs go to whom, when,” Braden says. “And on days when we have a failure, they’re not catastrophic failures. We’re able to predict a lot more.” 

This is critical as customer service becomes even more of a priority for hospitals and the facilities department today. 

“TheWorxHub gives us the tools to be customer-service focused without compromising our facility focus. It’s given us a better way to communicate with requesters, department managers, stakeholders, etc.” 

Braden trains all new employees on TheWorxHub during employee orientation, so they can know how to communicate with the facilities department. Their detailed PM records also come in handy with technician turnover or new hires, as well as budget planning. 

“You’re capturing the technician’s notes and time spent on things, so if you lose a technician, TheWorxHub becomes like a gathering point on that,” Braden says. “As budgets get tighter and tighter, TheWorxHub gives you a great way to validate the work your team does.” 

Automated, shareable reports 

Not only are the reports out of the system easy to run (saving hours of Braden’s time) and more detailed, but Braden can now automate custom reports for him and others outside of his department. 

“I can see exactly what I’m spending on belts on a specific air handler with just a few clicks,” Braden says. 

This also plays into making requests to replace equipment or launch new projects. 

“When we come to departments with high-dollar solutions, we’re not pulling that out of thin air. We have multiple layers of data to back it up,” he says. 

Another example of a reporting benefit is the dialysis manager at the hospital subscribes to a periodic report on work completed in his department that comes out of TheWorxHub automatically without any extra work from Braden. 

“Those automated subscribed reports keep stakeholders throughout the building informed, and I don’t even have to think about it,” Braden says. 

New way to manage energy 

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has also had success with our Energy Manager solution for utility bill tracking and energy management. 

“In healthcare, saving energy is becoming a bigger and bigger deal, and it’s really hard to be able to validate energy savings,” Braden says. 

After they rolled out a new energy conservation program a few years ago, they needed a way to validate the program and show their successes instead of just paying their energy bills. 

They’re now able to do that with Energy Manager, which helps them reach their goals of being good stewards of the environment through not just their power, electricity and fuel usage, but also their recycling program, wastewater, solar, etc. 

“[Energy Manager] gives us that ability with a few mouse clicks to look at 2015 compared to 2019 without having to shuffle paper or Excel spreadsheets or pivot tables,” Braden says. “It makes the technology much more approachable. It’s helped us lower our cost of rolling out some of our energy initiatives.” 

Innovating with space visualization 

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is also an early adopter of the Space Management module of TheWorxHub, which Braden says is just another proof point of innovation at Dude Solutions. 

“It’s one of those examples of The Dude seeing the value and capability of the customers and seeing how they can serve them best,” he says. “There are not a lot of products on the market that are as customer-focused as Dude Solutions.” 

He says one thing he tells people about Dude Solutions is that he knows everyone he works with by name and that means a lot to feel that level of support. 

“There’s never been a road mark along the way where I didn’t feel like I had a team behind me,” he says. “With every challenge I face, The Dude has been there to offer me a solution.” 

Watch this short testimonial video with Braden of Martha's Vineyard Hospital.

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