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Moreno Valley Unified School District Client Success Story

Moreno Valley Unified School District

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Moreno Valley, California

  • 42 sites
  • 36,000 students
  • Needed more resources and staff to support operations

Used work order data to justify resource needs and receive ERP funding

District Uses Data to Secure $675,000 in State Funding and Justify 11 New Hires

Moreno Valley USD uses data to its advantage to receive and allocate California state funds toward its facilities

With restricted funding, Moreno Valley Unified School District constantly had to do more with less budget and resources. However, the “Williams Case” in California sparked action at Moreno Valley USD. Eliezer Williams et al. vs. State of California et al. established emergency repair program funding (ERPF) on the basis of failure to provide safe and decent school facilities, proper instructional materials, and qualified teachers. The case resulted in allocating approximately $300 million in additional funding to all school districts in California, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis

Moreno Valley implemented Dude Solutions Work & Asset Management in 2005. When it came time to provide justification for why they should receive a portion of the funding available to California schools, Dude Solutions was a key influencer behind receiving approval for the district’s grant request. With the data available in Dude Solutions, Moreno Valley USD could pull all its previous work orders since 2005 to compile all the reactionary work orders completed on its facilities, such as vandalism and equipment repairs.

“Using only these records, we were able to receive $675,000 in ERP funding,” said Ken Paige, Maintenance and Operations Supervisors at Moreno Valley USD. “Without Dude Solutions, our district would have lost the $675,000; and we used the solution as a supportive role to secure millions more in funding.”

From here, Ken and his team used Dude Solutions data as an aid to perform life cycle analysis on the district’s equipment and facilities. They conducted a cost-benefit analysis to determine where and how to use the $675,000 grant. “We used the data out of the solution to determine which facilities require the greatest number of work orders. This helped us prioritize equipment and facility repairs and replacements,” said Ken. Their cost analysis determined they should use the additional funding to replace old windows, install a new irrigation system and update athletic facilities. Ken is currently using Dude Solutions data to determine life cycles for equipment, such as HVAC units. “I can see the equipment’s expected life and when will be an optimal time to replace the units,” Ken said. This has helped the district with future funding and allocations.

“With over 42 sites and 36,000 students, sifting through our work order history would not have been possible using an antiquated system. Dude Solutions cloud-based centralized platform was ideal to easily pull the data needed for the grant,” said Ken. Moving quickly and overcoming time restraints during the grant application process was critical for Moreno Valley, since funding was provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Along with securing $675,000 worth of funding from the state, Moreno Valley USD was able to utilize their district’s data to justify 11 new hires. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as work orders completed, average work order completion time and more, Ken Paige can identify areas from improvement in his department and compare their progress to similar districts across the country. “Our data out of Dude Solutions showed reactive work orders were increasing along with completion time of these work orders. After showing this data to leadership, we secured 11 new district staff hires to compensate for the increased workload,” Ken said.

Prior to the approval for 11 new hires, Moreno Valley was short on man power and solely focused on completing emergency work orders. Therefore, they couldn’t begin tackling preventive maintenance. After attending Dude University, an annual professional development conference, their outlook changed on the importance of preventive maintenance. Ken spoke with a fellow Dude Solutions user who discussed the impact of performing preventive maintenance at their institution. Now, Moreno Valley prioritizes preventive work with Dude Solutions Work & Asset Management. 

Today, PMs account for 10% of all of our work orders. This has resulted in a 30% decrease in reactive work orders across the district and increased productivity from time previously spent on reactive work orders.

Ken and his department continue to work to maximize their investment with Dude Solutions in order to receive the greatest benefits for the future. “We are optimistic about future justification we will be able to provide using Dude Solutions in order to receive additional funding for district improvements,” Ken concluded.

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