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Novacare Client Success Story

Novacare by Nova Group

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  • Novacare, a Dietary Nutraceutical Company in Utah, had a large inventory, numerous clients and lots of employees – with only an Excel spreadsheet to track all the moving parts.

Thanks to Dude Solutions, Novacare not only gets powerful inventory tracking but also has reporting that keeps them accountable to their clients and regulatory bodies. A comprehensive level of support from their Dude Solutions team helps them whenever they need it, so they’re able to manage work orders and other core processes with confidence.

Novacare Gains Transparency and Customer Accountability with Dude Solutions

Novacare, part of the Nova Group, is a Dietary Nutraceutical Company that focuses exclusively on the manufacturing of capsules in Murray, Utah. They own the entire process from sourcing raw materials to blending, bottling and labeling. Novacare also has their own shipment process – essentially, they’re a one-stop shop.

The company had an enormous amount of inventory floating in and out that all had to match a specific timeline to meet customer demands. A lot of people needed to see the status of the projects on a daily basis, but they only had an Excel spreadsheet in place to manage them. Without proper tracking of users, it was difficult to not only get the answers they needed when they needed them, but to also determine who had made changes or who had touched the data last. Furthermore, their facility has a total of five buildings, some spread out several miles away. They relied mainly on phone calls and emails for requests and communication, an inefficient process that cut into their work time.

Jeff Smith, Director of Production, knew that Novacare needed a new system in place, and Dude Solutions provided the right software for them thanks to its powerful technology and usability. Since implementing the platform 18 months ago, they’ve created nearly 3,000 work orders in total. Without being restricted to walking between buildings or picking up the phone for a request, employees have a central place where they can request an item they need or put in a work order quickly.

For the first time, we know exactly what our inventory is

A new system

“We’re able to control the cost of our inventory and where things are, and able to control the work maintenance without the phone calls and emails," Jeff said. "We have a central point and Dude Solutions is able to help us focus on that.”

Jeff says that it’s also been beneficial for inspections since it’s easier to stay on the same page and get the equipment they need. They’ve been using the platform to schedule preventive maintenance (PM) to keep on top of their facility. These requests are ongoing, proactive upkeep that allows Novacare to discover problems before they arise and keep the machines working smoothly through regular checks. Visibility into who is doing what also keeps the employees accountable for this work. The FDA and NSF are crucial to success in the dietary nutraceutical industry, and having Dude Solutions with planned maintenance means that Jeff has less to worry about when audits come around.

The visibility of Dude Solutions also extends from Novacare to Novacare’s clients. If, for example, they have a customer complaint that says they didn’t receive the right amount of capsules, they can look up the lot number and see what day it was manufactured. They can then pull the documentation papers on the production, find who worked on it and then look at the equipment for errors. If the equipment history shows requests to fix it or a submission of an issue, Novacare can explain the source of the problem to the customer rather than relying on guesswork.

“For a customer, that’s very important for us to be able to say ‘we had an issue with a capsule counter at this time,’” Jeff said.

Data to make decisions

And if a machine does have issues, Dude Solutions has helped them make smarter budgetary decisions so they can purchase new assets. Most recently, they were able to see that the maintenance and repairs for a machine were too expensive, so they had the data to back up their choice to purchase new machines.

“We were able to determine cost and loss of maintaining and fixing equipment,” Jeff said. “Instead, we went out and bought two new machines at around $175,000-$200,000 each.”

While Novacare knew they were getting top-notch technology and reporting, an unexpected benefit for them has been the level of customer support they receive. While other competitors have tried to sell them on things they don’t need or to bill them unnecessarily, that hasn’t been the case with Dude Solutions.

“What we didn’t realize was that the service would be so good,” Jeff said. “Service is exceptional… we don’t fear calling Dude Solutions because they don’t talk down to us.”

Like any good solution, Jeff has seen the work lives of his employees at Novacare become much easier with the platform in place. Not only are they able to do what they want when they need it, they’re free from having to rely on outdated technology for their operations management, which gives them more time to focus on their jobs.

“You’ll see the difference,” Jeff said. “My team loves Dude Solutions, and my mechanics especially love the applications because they’re so simple to use. That was the deciding factor between Dude Solutions and the others.”

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