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Success Story

Pine Crest School Client Success Story

Ryan Gallagher, Director of Facilities

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Boca Raton, Florida


10 buildings, 12 technicians, 884 students


Keeping up with a paper-based work order system


Easy to submit and complete work orders, access to customized reports

Pine Crest School streamlines its operations with Dude Solutions

For many years, Pine Crest School, an 884-student independent school in Florida, used a paper-based system to submit work order requests. With 10 buildings spread across 20 acres, the paper-based system was inefficient and unreliable, with requests getting lost in the shuffle

In their search for a work order management system, the Pine Crest staff found Dude Solutions Work & Asset™ to be the solution they needed. Ryan Gallagher, Director of Facilities, knew he wanted a system that was “in the cloud” and had reporting capabilities. Prior to Dude Solutions, Ryan had to hire staff to manually enter data and run reports. Ryan loves how easy the system was to implement and said technicians were able to pick it up with very little training. Pine Crest rolled Dude Solutions Work & Asset out over 1 month while the students were on summer break.

“Pine Crest holds us to high standards and Dude Solutions helps us meet them,” said Ryan.

We are expected to have work orders completed within 5 days and this has not been a problem since we started using Dude Solutions.

Teachers submit work orders online and sometimes we get a technician onsite within 5 minutes!”

Dude Solutions Work & Asset gives Ryan and his team visibility into the campus’s work order requests and allows them to pull custom reports with just the click of a button. Pine Crest’s success with Work & Asset, a preventive maintenance solution, led the school to implement several other solutions from The Dude including, Dude Solutions Event Management, a facility scheduling solution.

With over 1,000 events a year (across the Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale campuses), Pine Crest needed a way to improve their facility scheduling process, which had also been paper-based. Dude Solutions Event Management eliminated redundancy and helped the district reduce the scheduling cycle by 50%. Double-booking was also eliminated, as the district was able to create a master schedule for events using Dude Solutions.

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