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Poulsbo Police Department Client Success Story

Poulsbo, Washington Police Department

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Poulsbo, Washington (pop. 10,000)

  • Using inefficient software proved time-consuming for the department when it came to documenting training and maintaining certifications. Documentation was kept in binders that cluttered the office and made finding certain information tedious.

Personnel information is now easily accessible, training is up to date, compliance is maintained and approximately four hours of work is saved weekly — equaling two days of staff time a month.

Poulsbo Police Department Decreases Time, Increase Organization

The Poulsbo Police Department is a growing organization, one that used to spend a great amount of time documenting new hires’ training, qualifications and experience. The department was using Microsoft Access to track personnel readiness, performance and qualifications for officers, with employees manually entering information into a database. Information wasn’t being entered in a timely or standardized manner. This resulted in large binders of information on individual officers that made searching for information extremely difficult and time-consuming. “Personnel training was updated sometimes,” said Sergeant Andy Pate of the Poulsbo Police Department. “Other times it wasn’t.”

The department chose ASMi™, personnel readiness software from Dude Solutions, to manage their training, testing and workforce readiness in one web-based tool. ASMi customizes development and training of personnel for police, fire, military and private sector staff. Law enforcement management can immediately assess the overall readiness of its police force, view complete up-to-date department and individual training capabilities, and provide competency information for day-to-day operations, incident investigations and emergency response.

ASMi met and exceeded all of the Poulsbo Police Department’s goals, including:

  • Tracking individual personnel and overall performance
  • Planning training and professional development
  • Making decisions and using resources with confidence
  • Viewing training information and both class level and officer level
  • Streamlining workflows with a simple interfac
  • Having easy setup and maintenance, a ready-to-go cloud solution

Now tracking 36 members of the Poulsbo Police Department, including 19 patrol officers, three sergeants, administration employees and volunteers, the Poulsbo Police have seen measurable results.

With the enhanced and easily-accessible view of a given officer’s various accreditations, training and experience reduces the department’s legal liabilities. Linking the backgrounds of officers with their personnel files has improved training by easily matching qualified officers with appropriate training, especially major simulation drills where specific experience is required.

Susan Rufener, clerk for the Poulsbo Police Department, anticipates more time will be saved in the early part of next year as training activities increase. Rufener lauded the simplicity of ASMi’s searchability, scheduling and documentation. ASMi is just much more user friendly,” she said.

There’s so much more we’re doing now.

The ability to electronically pull together personnel files, including training history and qualifications of individual officers has proven invaluable, including during court testimonials. ASMi offers a method of quickly and easily providing documentation of said officer’s training and experience. “It can be crucial in such cases,” Pate said. “It’s been missing in the past.”

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