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Presbyterian Senior Living Client Success Story

Casey Jones, Corporate Director for Environmental Services/Plant Assets/Risk

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Dillsburg, Pennsylvania


9 CCRCs in the system, 80 technicians


Using a legacy system for work order management that lacked reporting capabilities


Easy implementation and buy-in with TheWorxHub, along with improved compliance and capital planning

Presbyterian Senior Living is a 9-CCRC system that was utilizing maintenance software that was antiqued and “very difficult to use,” according to Casey Jones, Corporate Director for Environmental Services/ Plant Assets/Risk. “My staff didn’t like it. If a staff member doesn’t like something, they’re not going to use it.” he says. “Nor could I pull corporate reports or look across the organization. I couldn’t see what was happening at the facilities.”

After looking at several different systems, TheWorxHubTM by Dude Solutions came out on top for what they needed.

Thorough implementation & faster workflow

Training on TheWorxHub went smoothly. “The staff picked up on it really quickly,” Casey says. “We rolled it out in phases, three campuses at a time, which enabled us to template the first three. Then, the lessons we learned we applied to the next three and so on. We were fixing our own problems as we went since it was a phased rollout.”

Presbyterian is using the Maintenance and WorxIQ (analytics) modules of the TheWorxHub to make their maintenance workflow more efficient, identify preventive maintenance (PM) tasks and themes, as well as simplify capital planning.

One of the biggest changes Casey has seen is the increased accessibility and speed with which technicians now work. 

Technicians can access the information they want a lot faster than they have ever been able to in the past.


“By being across our entire enterprise, it allows flexibility in our staff to move from site to site to site, and I don’t lose any type of a knowledge base or have to retrain anyone.”

The team uses smartphones to access the system in the field, and Casey says he’s been surprised by how fast everyone has picked up the new technology. “We’ve got some senior maintenance technicians who kind of resist technology, but they adapted really well to utilizing the software with smartphones,” he says. “It has made my existing staff more efficient.”

The maintenance staff all use the built-in timers with the software, and some even go as far as to make it a competition to see who can accomplish a task in the shortest amount of time.

Seeing the train coming down the tracks

They are currently rolling out barcoding to be able to use smartphones to immediately access an asset’s history and associated work orders. Casey is looking forward to using the system long-term to help with capital planning and being able to view data on the entire senior living system, including the lifecycle of equipment, all of their assets and more.

“We can do a report and understand where we’re at on the lifecycle and start planning for some of our capital assets,” which Casey compares to being able to see the train coming down the tracks. They are also looking into using TheWorxHub’s Survey module in the future.

Compliance for Presbyterian has improved with TheWorxHub, as it is now easier to schedule PMs and maintain requirements for annual trainings of inspections, whether it’s a cooking hood suppression system or other type of valve or equipment, Casey says. “Those are the kind of things that in the past have been written down on a paper calendar and potentially forgotten about. Now, we actually build it as a PM and it can help us stay healthier from an inspection standpoint with the governing authorities.”

They’ve started showing the inspectors digital receipts when they can to speed up the inspection process.

Casey said it’s been nice to have the Dude Solutions Legendary Support Team by his staff’s side. “The support team is pretty phenomenal.” He also attended Dude University annual user conference last year and said that every session he attended was valuable.

As far as recommending TheWorxHub to others, Casey says that anyone can benefit from it. “I’ve had guys who have been with the company 40 years and have never used computer. If they can embrace the system, anybody can.”

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