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Riverview Retirement Client Success Story

Riverview Retirement — Cory Noble, Maintenance & Security Director

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Spokane, WA


32-acre campus CCRC; 12-person maintenance staff, 167 village homes, 103 assisted living, 75 skilled nursing


Coordinating services for a large campus with a paper system


Moved to electronic, web-based solution for greater efficiencies

Riverview Retirement is one of only four CCRCs in Spokane, WA, and they offer services ranging from independent living to assisted living and skilled nursing care on their 32-acre campus. Meeting the needs of a diverse group of residents can be challenging. With TheWorxHub, Cory Noble and his team have found the process to be easier and more efficient.

“One of the biggest advantages to using TheWorxHub was the service department. Whenever we needed help, the team was always there – they’re great! They all seem to be happy to work there and actually value their clients. This is not something that you find often. Part of that great service is they are always asking for feedback and then putting into place ideas that we, the client, have suggested. They are completely aligned with this industry, and you would think they had actually worked in senior living taking care of residents. It’s set up perfectly for what we need.

We went paperless about five years ago, and now all of my guys carry mobile devices. The challenge we had before was they had to come back to the shop and get paper work orders. Now that we have TheWorxHub, I don’t see them as often – which is good! That means we are getting stuff done. We have a central location where all orders are placed electronically, and it is immediately sent out to the team. This is a great time savings.

A new, easier process for reporting

I love the reporting piece. I have a labor productivity report that comes out every morning. It tells me what my team did the day before and how many hours they spent working on it. It keeps everyone on task, and we know where our resources are being spent. A few years ago, I wanted to hire a licensed electrician. I was able to use the work order program report to show how many electrical work orders we do on a monthly basis.

Because of being able to document and report, I was able to get a licensed electrician on staff.


There is definitely a positive impact on employee satisfaction, as well. I have not heard any complaints, and they would definitely tell me if something wasn’t working! It’s just so seamless. I would definitely suggest attending their annual user conference, as well. I’ve been to six of them, and it’s never repetitive. You have the opportunity to learn new things every year, so it’s not like you only need to attend one and then you’re done. It’s something that offers tremendous value, and I will continue to go year after year.”

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