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Rogers Public Schools Client Success Story

Dan Caley, Energy Manager

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Rogers, Arkansas


27 buildings, 14,400 students


Tracking and monitoring energy use and consumption with growth


Used behavior-based energy management system to reduce emergency consumption

Rogers Public Schools uses behavior modification and energy management software to reduce energy consumption

As Rogers Public Schools grew, so did the importance for monitoring and tracking the district’s energy use and consumption. When Rogers was building its second high school, the district decided it was time to employ a utility tracking system. The district chose to implement Dude Solutions Energy Management because it had great success with its other Dude Solutions suites - Work and Asset Management and Trip Management.

The next item on the agenda was to hire an energy manager. Dan Caley was chosen to fill this position. Caley didn’t waste any time rolling out the software. He spent his second day as energy manager, on the phone with The Dude’s client services team walking through the account setup. “By the third day, I was on a plane headed to Myrtle Beach, SC for Dude University (DU),” said Caley. While at DU, Caley gained valuable knowledge and techniques that helped him maximize the district’s investment in the energy solution.

Once home in Arkansas, Caley’s first task was to input two years of backlogged data. The data was analyzed using the reporting function to establish a baseline for annual energy consumption and costs. Our software also allows him to breakdown the data by school and utility – creating customized reports.

Next on Caley’s list was to implement an energy management plan to complement the utility tracking system. He reviewed energy conservation plans from schools of similar size and climatic region, and designed a plan that met Rogers’ needs. The plan, a behavior-based energy management program, focuses on educating the staff on ways they can reduce energy usage. “Getting the staff involved was key,” said Caley. “Now, we’ll go to the schools around 4:30-5, and the teachers will be sitting at their desks with all the lights off except the ones they need.” These small changes reduced the district’s annual energy consumption by 32% over a four-year span. The district also reduced its greenhouse gas emissions 5,698 MtCO2e, equal to removing 1,187 cars of the road.

The benefit I have seen from Dude Solutions Energy Management is that it’s a one-stop shop for reviewing data and identifying overbilling.

Caley recently used the product to justify a district-wide lighting retrofit project. Rogers installed retrofit lighting in one building and tracked the results. “Immediately after starting the project, you could see the reduction on the graph,” said Caley. This demonstrated the benefit of installing the retrofit lighting throughout the district. Rogers has also used data from our software to design new, more energy-efficient buildings. 

“[The district] has taken what we’ve learned and is putting it into a new elementary school.” The new energy-conservative school is predicted to cost 0.61 per square foot to operate. Rogers is eager to track the new elementary school’s energy consumption and compare it to the district’s.

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