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School District of Clayton Client Success Story

Lauri Rainwater, Administrative Assistant

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Clayton, Missouri


2,600 students, 3,300+ events hosted


Organizing facility scheduling and trip planning for district


Streamline processes, communicate workload

School District of Clayton uses Dude Solutions  and KPIs to streamline processes and communicate workload

As a small district with 2,600 students, Lauri Rainwater wears many hats in the Facilities Department. When facility scheduling and trip scheduling was added to her plate, she realized the current process would not work for the 3,300-plus events the district hosts per year. “Before I took over, the department was using a desk calendar to keep track of all events throughout our buildings,” said Lauri.

Lauri learned that Dude Solutions, whom the district used for maintenance, preventive maintenance, inventory management and utility tracking, recently added facility usage solutions. She asked her Facilities Director to look at Dude Solutions to help solve her needs – “it was an easy sell to add Dude Solutions’ facility usage products,” added Lauri. Since implementing Dude Solutions for facility scheduling, the district has complete transparency into all events taking place. Event or trip requests from faculty or community groups automatically route to Lauri for approval and invoicing; with this process, the department averages less than 1.5 days to activate permits.

Lauri has seen tremendous time savings with Dude Solutions. “Before I took over, one person did this role full-time. I only spend about 50% of my time on it,” said Lauri. This creates 20 hours per week to focus on other areas. The district’s fee structure and invoicing system for community use of facilities works very well. According to Clayton’s key performance operations data available in Dude Solutions, the district invoices $27.55 per student annually and the department receives 100% of dollars invoiced!

The key performance indicator data available in Dude Solutions is great. It benchmarks our performance against peers, so I know where we’re doing well and where I can focus my efforts for improvements.

“Last year, we even used the KPI data at our Board Meeting, which helped them better understand everything we accomplish and where we spend our time.” Lauri and her department also use other Dude Solutions reports for decision-making, including trip scheduling reports that show which grades are requesting and taking the most field trips for a better understanding of field trip frequency.

“I’d recommend Dude Solutions to any small district, especially when you’re wearing multiple hats. I am responsible for multiple functions and Dude Solutions makes my life easier,” Lauri said. “When you have a small department with staff members performing multiple jobs, the tracking, reporting and visibility that Dude Solutions provides can help you prioritize. You can use Dude Solutions in any way that fits your needs depending on your district’s structure and organization.”

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