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Spalding County, GA Client Success Story

TJ Imberger, Parks Superintendent

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Spalding County, Georgia


Population of 64,033


Previous method of work intake and tracking resulted in disorganization and too much paper


Team is mobile with information always at their fingertips whenever they need it

“In the past, we have had some pretty major failures with trying to implement maintenance software, and that made me wary about getting anything. But, my County Manager emailed me about Dude Solutions and asked me to look into it. I investigated to see whether it was a viable option for us and felt that it was. MaintenanceEdge looked like it would be simple for our users and us, so that sold me.

Before MaintenanceEdge, the sheer volume of our paperwork was a problem. Our work orders were disorganized, and we didn’t really have a system. Everything was communicated verbally, and schedules were tracked in Outlook and on a desktop paper calendar. It was way too easy to lose work orders because of using all these different methods to intake them and track them

We implemented MaintenanceEdge and have doubled our efficiency. Our team is able to receive a work order and complete it that much quicker now because they can check the system a few times a day from wherever they are. Our response time is down to nothing. I’ll see a work order and assign it for the next day or so, and my crew will see it immediately and realize it’s on the way to something else they’re going to do, so they’ll go ahead and do it. MaintenanceEdge has enabled our crews to do their job in a much more efficient manner because they can see work orders, easily prioritize them and quickly complete them.

We have also been able to justify going completely mobile for our team. We were able to get some laptops that the police department is no longer using, and I put them in my supervisors’ cars. Our Construction and Maintenance Department (they handle the interior building maintenance) is going to get everyone iPads so they can use the software on them. Public Works is also working on upgrading everyone’s computers. We were able to justify all these upgrades because I showed how simple and effective software is for us to use. All of our users agreed with me and gave positive feedback. It made my case and gave me the power to keep moving forward with our technology improvements.

We are now doing all of our playground inspections with MaintenanceEdge, and it’s phenomenal. This has helped us make sure we stay on top of everything that needs to be done. I’ve gone from reams and reams of paper to an iPad. Before, if I had to answer questions about documentation, I would have gone through boxes of paperwork to find something. Now I don’t have to do that – it’s right there, wherever I am. The increase in accountability by being able to track progress on inspections and work being done for those on playgrounds is twenty-fold. It really helps limit our liability and to me, that’s worth a million dollars.

What’s been nice about MaintenanceEdge is that we’re able to customize the system to use it for what we need while still fitting in the parameters of what it was designed to do. The system is flexible enough to meet the needs of the Parks and Recreation Department as well as the Construction and Maintenance Department, even though we do different things.

With MaintenanceEdge, our element of supervision has increased tremendously.

I have a snapshot of everything that’s going on anytime I want. I just pull up the dashboard on my iPad. I can easily keep track of our projects and work, which has been really amazing.


Dude Solutions has what it takes to get the job done. The reality is that eventually everyone is going to need something like MaintenanceEdge – and when you get it, commit to it. Regardless of what you perceive is the computer intelligence of your employees, Dude Solutions is a doable thing. It is user-friendly enough that even people without experience with technology can comprehend it and use it quickly. As far as value for your dollar, Dude Solutions is IT! It’s inexpensive and to top it off, the customer support is amazing.”

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