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St. Charles, MO Success Story

Doug Wood, Facilities Supervisor

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Saint Charles, MO


Population:  65,794


Make work order management more efficient and paperless; be able to accurately report on work. 


Requesters can easily go online to submit work orders; reporting on department work is easy and correct now.

Why did you choose Dude Solutions?

We chose Dude Solutions because of the ease of use of the requestor page. We wanted people to be able to go in and enter their own work orders, so we needed something very straightforward for them to use.

What business challenges were you facing?

We were using a paper work order system which was inefficient. Someone would alert us to a problem and we had to fill out the paperwork for the request. It was also very hard to keep track of everything we were doing and we couldn’t report on our work.

How did Dude Solutions help you solve these business challenges?

Now, everything is much more efficient because requestors can enter work orders online, and we have less waste since going paperless. We can easily submit our annual report on the number of work requests completed. Before Dude Solutions, we tried to estimate how many work orders we did per year. During the first year of reporting with the new system, we discovered our work requests were twice the amount reported the previous year on paper work orders. We are able to provide a more accurate actual number on our annual report.

How was the implementation process?

Very easy! I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone. The system is easy for administrators and requestors.

How has Dude Solutions helped you save time/resources?

We used to take 48 hours to complete a work order, and now we do 90% of them within 24 hours. The time savings are huge because it’s much more efficient for the requestors to submit work orders, and we can complete work orders more efficiently.

How has the software impacted your work life?

One of the biggest impacts is the accountability with the preventative maintenance program. The team is assigned planned preventative maintenance work orders daily, weekly, quarterly and annually. They know when they report that the task is complete, that they are held accountable for the task being completed, and the system allows free form documenting if there is an issue. This ensures we catch small issues before they become big expensive issues that may affect day-to-day operations of the city.

What else has Dude Solutions helped you achieve?

Dude Solutions lets us keep everyone in the loop — from requestor to technician up to administrator. The notification process with the software will email the requestor that we have received their work order, which technician is assigned to their request, and the status of their request. As the administrator of the system, I am able to run a report every week to ensure no requests have been received that have not been completed. If not completed, then the requestor has been notified why, for example, “parts on backorder.”

What three things would you tell someone about Dude Solutions?

1. Easy to use for requestors
2. Easy to use for administrators
3. Time savings are huge — especially for reporting

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