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State Code Enforcement Client Success Story

Dennis Pinnix, Owner, State Code Enforcement Inc

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State Code Enforcement Inc. is an organization which assists in administering code enforcement services to governments who, because of limited resources and increased workloads, hire a code enforcement officer or are looking to supplement the number of code enforcement officers they have around their community. Field agents patrol their assigned area investigating complaints and tagging any code violations they see. Office workers help manage the creation of violation letters and research on the properties. Prior to adopting Dude Solutions' software to help them in their operations, State Code Enforcement Inc. was using spreadsheets to manage their work. The process was time consuming and tedious for them, as they manage code enforcement officers spanning five municipalities. When they made the change to the code enforcement software, the process were made much simpler. Now, code enforcement officers can hit a button on their mobile device to create a record of a violation and easily attach pictures on the spot for documentation. Workers in the office are immediately notified by email that a violation has been recorded and can research the property owners to prepare violation letters before the officers even get back to the office.

Pinnix explains, “It has helped ease our workload, which has made everyone happier. Now, because of the software, the workers in the office can see what has been tagged. They get an email with the notice of violation letters and can then research the property owners, and so when the guys from the field get back to the office every day, all that work is done. The letter is prepared and ready for them to sign and mail, which makes the field officers’ lives so much easier.”

Previously, using spreadsheets and file folders, it used to take two people to manage the office work for each municipality they work with. Having streamlined the communication between field agents and the office means that number has been reduced. Dennis Pinnix says, “[The system] has taken at least one or two people out of the process. It was taking one and a half to two people to do a job that we can now do with one person with it. I was able to move those two employees to other projects.”

Using the system has also been beneficial for the municipalities that State Code Enforcement Inc. is working with. The system provides all the information their clients need. Pinnix says, “They can see 24/7 exactly what’s been tagged and what has been done. Previously, at the end of each month we would have to send all of the information about what we had done for the month to everyone who needed it. We have one client who is very detail-oriented and now he can see exactly what area we have covered.”

“It’s an awesome program that has helped us tremendously," he says. 

It’s made our jobs so much easier and more enjoyable for the field agents.


"They love [the software], it's made a huge impact on their job satisfaction.”

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