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Town of Apex, NC Client Success Story

Marty Mitchell, Facility and Fleet Services Director

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Apex, North Carolina


Population 38,022; 187,464 sq. ft.; 12 public facilities


Streamlining operations to improve departmental efficiency


Workflow is efficiently managed and automation has improved communication

Why did you choose Dude Solutions?

One of the most important factors was the accessibility of Dude Solutions. It’s web-based, so we can do anything in the system from any location with internet. Also, we saw the value of the system and how it would help us be more efficient through fewer phone calls, automatic notification emails, and easy tracking of our work and costs.

What business challenges were you facing?

When I came in, the department was in controlled chaos. There was no system in place, and we weren’t tracking any costs or work done.

How did Dude Solutions help you solve these business challenges?

The main thing is that it helps us do a better job of managing our workflow. We have a weekly work order report which is automatically generated and emailed to me and my two technicians. It shows a list of our work orders: those that are pending, those waiting on parts, etc. This enables us to double-check that nothing is falling through the cracks. It reminds the technicians of things that they need to do or go back to. We use Dude Solutions as a quality assurance measure to know we’re serving our customers well.

One of the biggest impacts is the peace of mind. Dude Solutions has taken the guesswork out of remembering when routine maintenance needs to be completed through the recurring schedules we’ve created in Planned Maintenance.


How has Dude Solutions impacted your work life?

For instance, we scheduled work orders to come up to change the clocks in our DVR security system for daylight savings. We had an incident where we were reviewing the tapes in a tedious manner (down to the very second) and were frustrated when we realized the times were off because we hadn’t changed those clocks for daylight savings. Dude Solutions allows us to automate those types of work orders, so we don’t have to worry about overlooking them. It takes a load off our minds, and we can focus on being more proactive instead of reactive.

What else has Dude Solutions helped you achieve?

The critical alarms product is one of the biggest benefits of the system because it helps us do more predictive and proactive maintenance. For example, we recently got an alarm that a fan in a piece of equipment at the Rec Center was not operating as it should. One of the techs checked it out and saw that the fan will need to be replaced soon. This gave us a heads up so we’re prepared for when the piece goes bad.

What three things would you tell someone about Dude Solutions?

  1. Affordable
  2. Robust
  3. Web-based allows for instant access from anywhere

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