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Warren County, VA Client Success Story

Doug Stanley, County Administrator & Shelley Hayes, Senior Office Associate

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Warren County, Virginia


Population 37,749; 37 public buildings managed by a team of 10 full-time employees and 25 seasonal employees


Wanted to streamline communication about work orders and stop multiple requests about one problem


Easily implement a system which has created fast, efficient communication between requestors and technicians

What challenges were you facing with your previous system?

We didn’t have a system before, which was part of the problem. We took in requests through email or phone calls and we’d get 10 calls about one issue. It was such a headache to track down technicians and get updates, and then follow up with requestors on what’s been done.

Why did you choose Dude Solutions?

We met you all at a tradeshow and thought that MaintenanceEdge was exactly what we were looking for. We’ve been able to tailor the system to our county’s needs

How has implementation gone?

It’s gone really well! We’ve had several trainings with client services. Before we started, we thought it was going to be so overwhelming to set up the system. But it’s actually been very smooth. The client services team has been great at explaining everything and so encouraging in helping us along. It’s a lot of work, but it’s not difficult work. It’s taken about 30 hours to enter in information for our 37 buildings. We tried to be as thorough as possible about the areas and locations within buildings, and this was spread out over the course of a few weeks. Putting in everything has been no problem. We haven’t been scared of messing anything up in the system because we know that someone from client services could help fix it if we did something wrong. It really has been simple.

What would you tell someone about implementing MaintenanceEdge?

Don’t worry about it! It’s so easy to implement MaintenanceEdge, and the return on investment is major. We’ll see a return in just the first few months of using the system. There was some skepticism about starting to use MaintenanceEdge at first. At the time, some thought what we were doing was fine: fielding emails and phone calls and then constantly hunting down technicians. But MaintenanceEdge has been much better – we all agree. It’s been so easy to start using, we don’t dwell on implementation at all.

Have you set up any reports, and how has that helped you?

Yes, we’ve created some reports and it was no problem at all to set them up. We can quickly generate multiple reports regarding budget, priority, status and more. It used to take us hours to pull information about how much time and money had been spent on a particular building. This will definitely help us create the reports needed for the administration because we can track fiscal YTD budget on each building, location, craft and technician, as well as any projectrelated costs.

Any time or resource savings?


We are able to more efficiently manage our time and costs. For one, we can prioritize assignments for technicians better. Also, we have faster, more efficient communication about work requests.


Assignments come in and go directly to the technician responsible. Once they make changes to the status of the work order, the requestor is automatically updated, so we don’t have to worry about making follow-up phone calls and updating people on work. We’ve saved time on reducing repeat requests for a single issue as well. Without a doubt, MaintenanceEdge has been a time-saver.

What else has Dude Solutions helped you achieve?

Online submission of requests has cut down our phone calls and pretty much eliminated lost work orders. Also, now we have the capability to log and track all of our equipment information, including purchase date, cost, warranty information and expiration, model and serial number. Having this information readily available at our fingertips allows for more cost effective replacement if equipment fails too soon.

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