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Work & Asset Buying Process Client Success Story

Dude Solutions’ Work and Asset Software Is a Fit for Every Department’s Needs

From small public works teams to large operations that span multiple departments, Dude Solutions offers technicians the tools they need to be successful. A configurable, user-friendly solution, our work and asset software helps governments every day to work smarter – not harder – at the tasks that matter most for their individual needs.

Whether they need a specialized solution or broad support in several different areas, our clients have found a fit with this solution. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, seamless integrations with other software and configurable design, it’s a great solution for modern maintenance and operations. That means you get everything you need – without unnecessary features that weigh you down.

City of American Canyon, CA Selects Dude Solutions' Software for Water Reclamation

The City of American Canyon in California needed a better way to manage all of their tasks in their Water Reclamation department. With two plant mechanics and four operators, the department had previously relied on outdated methods to manage their work, like spreadsheets, notes and emails, which weren’t scalable.

Managing the work between the two plants in the department – water treatment and waste water – was no easy task, and Nikki Pacheco, the department’s administrative clerk, set out to find a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that addressed all of their needs.

Deciding Factors

After receiving a referral from a current Dude Solutions client, Nikki and her team took a look at the software. “[The client] gave us a demonstration on how the software works, and it was just awesome,” she said. “All of the capacities and the reports, and its user-friendliness, had us sold right away. Once we saw how it worked, it just offered a lot more.”

Keeping track of all of their moving parts is essential – including not only their assets but the people who work on them. “Our mechanic is busy at both plants at all times, and just being able to manage the work orders and keep them straight for him will be great,” Nikki said. The city didn’t just need a way to keep track of their day-to-day, but to also plan for the future. “The [reporting] capability [of the software] has just seemed more in line with what our deputy public works director could use to take to his finance meetings,” Nikki said. “It will help us plan for next year’s expenditures; it just made it all easier to see.”

Another key differentiator? Dude Solutions’ emphasis on client development. “Sometimes learning a new software can be overwhelming, and all the pieces you need kind of get lost,” Nikki said. “It’s nice having our implementation in Basecamp to check in and see where you’re at, what’s going to be coming up and who you can talk to. That’s really helpful.”

Lumpkin County, GA Finds a Fit with Dude Solutions’ Inventory and Work Order Management

For Scott Martin of Lumpkin County, selecting Dude Solutions’ work and asset software was a balance of what they needed – a way to keep track of their spare parts inventory, manage their fleet’s work orders and record work history on each vehicle – as well as what they didn’t. Scott’s team services all of the vehicles in Lumpkin County, which includes everything from sheriff deputy cars to dump trucks. He’s also in charge of scheduling for work orders that come in via the online maintenance request form.

To handle all of the moving parts, his team needed a way to better manage their spare parts inventory, vehicle work history and documentation for vendors. Most of all, it had to be easy to use in their day-to-day work. “I wanted to be able to hit a button, turn it on and have it work, and have it be easy for the guys to use,” Scott said.

Deciding Factors

After shopping around for a CMMS, his options were down to two choices. In the end, it was Dude Solutions’ inventory and work order capabilities along with its ease of use that won.

Scott’s approach to the CMMS search emphasized keeping it simple.

We needed it to be able to track the coming in and out for work orders and be able to scan in documents to the work orders to build a true history on each vehicle.

“I want to make the process smooth, with less chances for inventory being lost or misused by being able to scan parts in and out,” Scott said.

While they wanted a focused approach, Scott and his team also wanted a solution that could implement with other tools in their department. For example: With the system’s easy integration, they’ll be able to incorporate Fuel Master into their vehicle management.

“When drivers punch in their gas code, if they’re over on their mileage, it’ll send me a notice,” Scott said. “We’d like to cut down cost and keep our fleet at the best mechanical state that we can.”

As Scott enters into implementation, he feels well supported by Dude Solutions’ team of Client Support Specialists. “Everyone has been very helpful and very friendly,” Scott said. “So far, whenever I’ve needed to call I’ve gotten help right on the spot. To me, that’s a key point.”

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