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Success Story

Wortham Independent School District Client Success Story

Dr. Bruce Tabor, Superintendent

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Wortham, Texas


515 students


Inefficiency not using an operations management solutions to manage aging facilities


Centralized data and reporting to prove budgetary needs, prioritized maintenance needs, eliminated hallway requests

Wortham ISD does more with less using multiple Dude Solutions' products

When Superintendent Dr. Bruce Tabor came to Wortham ISD over 3 years ago, they had purchased Dude Solutions, but weren’t using the software. As a big proponent of technology, he decided to take a closer look at the solutions and realized the positive impact it could have on his small school district located in the rural area east of Waco and south of Dallas. Not only did he give iPads to all students and teachers, but he began using the existing software solutions to collect and centralize data which allowed him to generate reports on who was doing what. “SchoolDude allows you to effectively organize your staff and work, which is extremely helpful in a small school district where one person wears 3-4 hats,” said Dr. Tabor.

The turning point for Wortham ISD had been a failed paper process and diminishing facilities, so Dr. Tabor appreciates how having Dude Solutions has helped him improve facilities by offering data to strategically plan his yearly budget. The reports allow him to determine where more time and money should be spent. For example, he did an analysis of maintenance repair requests and was able to see that 9 of his A/C systems were over 20 years old. Using Dude Soluitons' software, he was able to justify the budget to replace them.

The Board loves Dude Solutions because we are able to justify our budget requests with data and reports. They can see it costs less money to replace/buy new than it does to fix the same problem over and over again.


Dr. Tabor’s assistant, Sherry Shivers, also sees the impact the software has had on Wortham ISD. “Until you see a report of how much the staff does and how their work goes from one extreme to the other, you just don’t understand.” With Dude Solutions, they have been able to eliminate hallway requests, better prioritize and make sure someone is accountable for getting the work done in a timely matter.

Dr. Tabor boasts that, “[Dude Solutions' software] is a great organizational tool that allows you to effectively operate in a small school environment without the manpower of a large district.”

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