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We deliver the senior living operations tools you need to better serve your residents

Our user-friendly solutions are designed specifically for your day-to-day needs, helping you meet your goals and improve resident service — all at the same time.

A home with a heart icon that represents quality care provided within a senior living facility
A Better Resident Experience

From documenting resident preferences to faster response times, improved communication, streamlined transportation and hassle-free room bookings, our easy-to-use software will help you deliver a best-in-class resident experience.

An icon of a dollar bill to represent improved revenue from senior living operations
Maximize the revenue of your care services

Our full suite of integrated software solutions enables you to maximize revenue by streamlining accounting tasks, including billing, unit turns and managing fees for unit customization.

Talk bubbles that represent better communication between senior living residents and staff
Foster Better Communication

From one-step work order requests to intuitive event planning, improve communication between staff and residents, and easily connect TheWorxHub to your resident engagement platforms and other systems.

An icon of a clipboard with a checkmark that represents compliance
Ensure Compliance

Keep everything on your radar with our easy-to-use survey and inspection tools and digital record keeping, so you stay compliant with the NFPA Life Safety Code, CMS and more.


Simplify your senior living operations with our intuitive maintenance management software

Manage daily maintenance tasks while prioritizing compliance, safety and service with our easy-to-use maintenance management software. Deliver exceptional resident service and care with TheWorxHub.

  • Streamline request automation, inventory management and work order prioritization
  • Improve communication between requesters and staff with our mobile-friendly app
  • Optimize asset awareness with barcoding, detailed inventory and improved documentation
  • Automate preventive maintenance and integrate with compliance reports
  • Refine operations by benchmarking your maintenance tasks against industry KPIs and decades of data
TheWorxHub details
Maps showing a visual of the interior and locations of rooms and housekeeping needs in TheWorxHub.


Confidently manage your regulatory compliance

Create a safe and healthy environment for your senior living residents. With our web-based, mobile software designed specifically for senior living operations management, you can ensure compliance with life safety, NFPA and CMS standards.

  • Know when to do what compliance-related tasks and track using any mobile device
  • Improve communication between safety committees and maintenance
  • Access digital procedures at your fingertips to help you do the right work
  • Prove your compliance with documentation of what's been done
  • Ensure use of updated compliance codes (NFPA and CMS)
Compliance details
Details of an asset's scheduled work: work order number, PM, occurrence pattern and next generation date in TheWorxHub.


Optimize quality assurance and resident satisfaction via mobile surveys

Get deeper insight into resident satisfaction and oversee inspections, infection control/housekeeping audits and more – all with a mobile-friendly operations management software with a centralized dashboard.

  • Automate and customize your resident survey processes and monitor results in real time
  • Gauge quality of work and resident satisfaction by department or community
  • Trigger corrective action automatically to ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner
  • Utilize multi-site dashboards for visibility to large-scale trends and issues as they arise
Quality Inspections details
TheWorxHub mobile survey showing if housekeeping was completed in a timely manner and if tasks were completed.


Deliver exceptional service to people in assisted living with our easy-to-use housekeeping tools

Simplify every aspect of housekeeping with our mobile-enabled nursing home software to ensure the cleanliness of your buildings and spaces, and the safety and comfort of your residents.

  • Streamline requests, scheduling, staffing and tracking with one intuitive system
  • Manage, track and document infection control to lower risk and ensure compliance
  • Simplify resident room cleaning and billing processes to drive revenue generation
  • Track and document steps for annual deep cleaning processes (e.g., floor care, windows)
Housekeeping details
TheWorxHub senior living operations management software staff list and work schedules.


Keep senior living residents comfortable, identify waste and control utility costs

Manage the energy and utilities of your assisted living facility ecosystem from a single dashboard with Energy Manager. Get clear insight into your energy usage, communicate benchmarks and realize cost savings.

  • Monitor and track utility bills to verify billing accuracy and uncover errors
  • Benchmark sites to make strategic decisions based on data
  • Maximize energy conservation efforts and sync with ENERGY STAR®
  • Report on trends, chart your progress and share your success
Energy Manager details
Energy Manager software showing monthly avoided costs for utilities.

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Our additional modules make getting work done even smarter

Need capabilities to help you further improve resident service, ensure regulatory compliance and do more? Consider operations software modules for senior living communities.


    Track, control and improve every aspect of your senior living operations

    Help your residents safely get to where they need to go with our connected system that improves documentation and streamlines transportation management, including trip requests, driver assignments, billing and fleets.

    • Ensure consistency and quality by simplifying the planning process; see which drivers are available and allow drivers to see their trips and important resident details
    • Never miss a billing opportunity and maximize revenue by tracking billing associated with specific trips
    • Help drivers plan their routes and know exactly where they need to be by using a system integrated with precise online mapping tools
    • Use transportation resources more efficiently – and don’t double your work – by merging trips together
    TheWorxHub senior living operations management software monthly view of a transportation trip calendar.


    Strengthen your senior living facility’s security

    Our management software dashboard and mobile tools help your team reliably document security rounds and incidents, so you can more efficiently manage risk and create a safer, more secure environment for residents and staff.

    • Improve round efficiency by using key checkpoints, location-based check-ins and voice-to-text work order on all mobile devices
    • Track incidents by documenting what happens where and when in standard incident forms that incorporate photos and notes
    • Keep security teams efficient and accountable with a management dashboard that allows you to view daily activity logs

    Title, Company

    TheWorxHub security incident report information and a corresponding email update to involved parties.


    Create an attainable capital plan

    Better budgeting tools, real-time reporting and asset analytics will help you create an attainable capital plan.

    • Improve planning processes and team productivity by quickly gathering forecasting data and starting your capital plan in just three questions
    • Justify budget requests and better position your capital plan by using statistics from real-time work and asset analytics
    • Stay on track to reach financial goals by assigning costs and budget values to work, projects and services
    • Better identify how to spend capital dollars and stay transparent across multiple sites with a common, powerful corporate dashboard
    TheWorxHub senior living operations management software details of an equipment’s replacement forecast and lifespan.


    Simplify facility bookings and become better organized

    Our easy-to-use room booking software simplifies processes and enhances communication between your housekeeping, maintenance and catering departments for more organized events.

    • Let staff easily see room availability and submit booking requests, including tasks for each department, on a centralized, interactive calendar
    • Automate setup and teardown tasks, including setup maintenance, cleanup housekeeping and event catering, with easy-to-use templates
    • Maximize revenue opportunities with simple billing tools for room bookings and events
    • Have the right food in the right place with food service requests and room bookings tracked in one integrated system
    TheWorxHub new senior living bookings request alert with the options to reply accept, tentative, decline and propose a new time.


    More efficient senior living operations

    With detailed visual interior mapping, our software for space management solution lets you locate assets and equipment easier, complete work faster, improve efficiency and chart compliance needs.

    • Simplify inspections and easily identify work locations, assets and preventive maintenance tasks by uploading image files to visualize interiors
    • Make space use more efficient by using square footage calculations to streamline reimbursement, optimize departmental chargebacks and more
    • Help your staff locate critical life safety elements easily by sharing life safety drawings, so they can work safely and efficiently
    TheWorxHub maps of an entire senior living facility’s entire floor and bar graph indicating the available locations mapped.


    A customizable analytics tool for senior living operations management

    Use our analytics tool and customizable dashboard to easily aggregate and visualize data, establish KPIs, benchmark your operations and provide reports to key stakeholders.

    • Visualize critical stats with customizable business intelligence tools and built-in templates
    • Use the power of real-time data to justify goals, understand workloads, share progress and map to KPIs
    • Establish corporate standards for priorities, reporting, preventive maintenance and more for all sites
    • Gain insight to improve processes and performance by benchmarking against facilities like yours, based on per resident unit data
    • Stay ahead with automated reporting on compliance and life safety, work orders, assets, cost analyses and staff time allocations
    TheWorxHub for senior living dashboard with pie chart and bar graph, with counts of assets by category data.


    Solve every operations challenge – all with one platform

    Data Intelligence

    Turn our 20 years of experience and billions of data points into smarter, more strategic decisions. Better data, deeper insights and configurable reports enable you to more strategically manage, maintain and invest in your senior living communities.

    Technology & Security

    Our easy-to-use, web-based technologies combine the convenience of a mobile platform with ongoing support and an agile environment. Our next-level security ensures your data is safe, protected and secure, empowering you to do the best work of your life.


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