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Responding to Emergency & Crisis Events in the Pandemic Era

Christopher Britton

General Manager, RockDove Solutions Inc.

Scott Penrod

Direct of Safety and Security, Framingham Public Schools

Troy Blayney

Coordinator of Emergency Management Technical Systems, Frisco Independent School District

Pete O'Dell

Chief Operating Officer, Swan Island Networks

  • Nov 09, 2021

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The pandemic era has changed emergency and crisis response everywhere, and nowhere more than in schools. Whether it is managing multiple events simultaneously, or the alarming rate they are unfolding, the demands on school officials have never been greater.

In this webinar, your peers and industry experts will share best practice tips and tools that can improve your school's preparedness, proactive monitoring, and speed of response.

Join us to hear from your peers and industry experts on easy-to-set-up tools and tips to better prepare your school for emergency and crisis events in this pandemic era.

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