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Stimulus Funds & Operations Management: Where They Intersect

Susan Gentz

Founder of BSG Strategies and Partner at K20Connect

John White

Senior Sales Manager, Education, Dude Solutions

  • Apr 14, 2021
  • 48:39

With the third round of stimulus funding approaching, there will be a total of $197.4 billion federal dollars pushed into K-12 education. This is unprecedented in terms of how the federal government is supporting local school districts. And that’s why now is a unique and critical time to review the different rounds of funds and understand how your district can work to use these funds in the most efficient way to improve education years into the future.

To help you take advantage of this opportunity, we invite you to view this discussion with Susan Gentz, founder of BSG Strategies and a partner at K20Connect, where she addresses:

  • Federal funding opportunities: What’s come down from the federal level and requirements for spending
  • Operations management: Using funds to keep students focused and your central office efficient
  • Opportunities to maximize federal and state funds

With learning models that now allow educators to teach from anywhere, students to learn from anywhere and teams to work remotely, we want to help you apply this funding to increase efficiency across all operations.

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