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Strategic Asset Management, Services & Stimulus

Ashay Prabhu

Vice President of Strategic Asset Management, Dude Solutions

Keith Jones

Principal / Chief Practice Officer, ALPHA Facilities

  • Sep 14, 2021
  • 56:46

This year has brought truly unprecedented change – in how we work, where we work and in our already-constrained budgets. Overcoming the uncertainty of change comes from understanding your options and having solid data-driven plans to support those options.

Join Dude Solutions and ALPHA Facilities on September 14 where we’ll dive into making the shift from traditional tactical asset management to future-focused lifecycle modeling. We will help you understand the shift needed to balance budgets, proactively manage your school’s asset condition – and ultimately deliver more sustainable facilities and infrastructure into the future.

You will leave being able to answer questions like:

  • How do I manage the life of the school asset portfolio over the long term?
  • How do I deliver the service my district or campus needs from these assets while still balancing a tight budget?
  • What will future asset health and service levels be under different funding scenarios?
  • How can I get started with the data I have today, and what will I need for the future?

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