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Dude Solutions was founded in 1999 with a singular vision firmly in mind: to improve the efficiency, safety and operations of the places we live, work and learn. We started this journey by creating SchoolDude – our flagship platform – aimed at helping educational institutions improve the way they manage, maintain and invest in their facilities. Over the years we have continually enhanced the platform and added critical functionality – such as IT asset management, energy management, inventory management and solutions that help communities better utilize school property for off-hours use. Today, thousands of institutions and over 1.5 million users interact with SchoolDude on a regular basis… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Based on the success of the SchoolDude platform, Dude Solutions expanded operations in 2007 and created FacilityDude – a robust suite aimed at delivering the same efficiencies to local governments, clubs and associations, manufacturers, and other commercial businesses. In 2014, we added TheWorxHub to our portfolio and expanded our facility management expertise to organizations in the senior living, hospital and healthcare industries.

Taken together, Dude Solutions helps to maintain, improve and optimize the day-to-day operation of billions of square feet of facilities across North America. Leveraging a robust pool of data and one of the best support organizations in the business, we help our clients to gain valuable insight by establishing and reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), comparing their performance with that of their peers and driving continuous improvement.

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