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Leverage data with smarter energy management software

Manage your energy and utilities with our powerful, cloud-based, energy management software that can help your organization save 20% or more.

Energy Manager, our energy management software, showing a cost avoidance graph.

Jump-start your energy savings for improved ROI

With Energy Manager, our centralized dashboard and analytics help you control costs, conserve energy, gain insights and report on your success.

  • Manage utility spend and identify waste
  • Act quickly with real-time data
  • Track energy-saving initiatives
  • Prove and communicate success to stakeholders

Improved visibility and streamlined tracking of all your utility bills

Dude Solutions’ energy management solution has been an invaluable tool. It has helped us realize the total cost of utilities for our county. It has raised the visibility of what we are paying for and which facilities are billed to us. This tool has given us the ability to benchmark our buildings, recognize improper billing, identify ineffective metering and to spot abnormal changes in consumption patterns.

Martin Perry

Energy Coordinator

Iredell County, NC

Energy Manager Improved Visibility

Smarter energy and operations decisions based on data-driven insights

Gain insights into your energy usage and measure the impact of your energy initiatives from our cloud-based utility management system.

Energy Manager utility cost breakdown.

Superior energy consumption and conservation

Discover realistic ways to reduce costs, improve sustainability, monitor carbon emissions and compare your energy consumption with similar facilities.

EUI ranking chart within Energy Manager, our utility management system software.

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