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Intelligent Operations for Education

In 1999, a small company with a funny-sounding name introduced a unique software platform aimed at helping schools gain visibility and control into their operational performance. It was the early days of the cloud, and the idea of an externally-hosted software solution that could help schools of all sizes to improve their maintenance processes was a revolutionary one. Nearly 20 years later, the SchoolDude platform by Dude Solutions is the de facto standard in school operations management. Today, thousands of schools (ranging from public to independent, K-12 to higher education) and over 1.5 million users are experiencing the power of The Dude for optimizing the management of their most critical facility and operational processes. And best of all, we’re just getting started.

Key Benefits

  • Save time and money by streamlining the maintenance management process

  • Track inventory and accurately plan future capital needs

  • Better manage utility consumption and costs

  • Efficiently coordinate facility use for events

  • Optimize the management of IT assets throughout your school

  • Provide mobile access to critical safety and crisis planning materials


    Educational Energy Solutions


    Seamlessly track, audit and analyze utility consumption and cost to identify savings opportunities.

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    Educational Safety Solutions


    Empower everyone in your school with immediate access to the information they need to act quickly in critical situations.

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    Educational Technology Solutions


    Educational institutions are adopting new technology at a record pace. To keep up, IT teams need a solution to optimize resources and processes throughout the institution.

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    Educational Event Management Solutions


    Streamline the entire process of scheduling, staffing and managing resources for after-hours events at your institution.

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    Educational Maintenance Solutions


    Efficiently manage the process of scheduling maintenance, tracking inventory usage, responding to alarms, and planning capital needs.

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