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Changing Workforce Tools: Bridging Your Skills Shortage in Operations

Grace Flack
  • Oct 14, 2019
  • 3 minute read

Are you experiencing the skills gap?

If you had to list out all the skills you use for your daily work, what would be on your list? 

Communication, technical skills and technology skills are probably up there. And I bet your list has grown in the past five years... and it will likely continue to change over the next five. 


What’s the state of skill sets today? 

  • 80% of Americans agree there is a skills gap 

  • 40% say changing skill requirements will have the biggest impact on their job in the next five years 

  • 108 million workers hold jobs that require moderate or high digital knowledge 


What about in operations? 

This change in the workforce is even more magnified when it comes to operations. The rate of retirement, lack of trade skills, rise in the need for technology-based skills and a reduced labor market are combining to create a perfect storm. 

For example, on the maintenance side, our data shows that the average number of work orders per maintenance technician in August has been on a steady climb over the past few years. 

  • 51.4 work orders in 2016 

  • 53.1 in 2018 

  • 57.8 in 2019 

That’s a 12% increase in work orders handled by each technician in a span of just three years. 


How can you maximize your and your team’s skill sets? 

Those who succeed in bridging the current skills gap will be those who can find ways to develop their own and their team’s skills.


And there is plenty of opportunity for that! 

Here are a few areas to develop: 

  • Work on technical skills- Seek out creative opportunities to improve your more technical or specialized skills. This might come in the form of an apprenticeship, program with a trade school or even taking a few YouTube tutorials. 

Get more ideas for training in this post! 

  • Invest in soft skills- Soft skills are things like communication, listening, teamwork and critical thinking. From technology to relationships, there are plenty of areas where you can hone these skills to better your team. 

  • Practice digital skills- You may have a smartphone in your pocket, but do you use it or another smart device to complete your daily work with more efficiency? Now is the time to start exploring how you can integrate technology into your tasks to improve productivity, communication and more. 


Ready to master the right skills? 

If you’re wondering what the right mix of skills is best for your position and field, it might be worth a conversation with your leaders. 

Throughout changes in the skill sets of your team (current and future), we’re here to help you maximize your productivity and harness technology to make that even easier! 

For help on growing your skill set and navigating your changing workforce, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve with technology. 


Get our guide for help on the tools you need to get started!

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