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Maintenance KPIs You Should Care About

Grace Flack
  • Nov 01, 2017
  • 3 minute read

When you hear the word analytics or terms like KPIs, what comes to mind? 

You might imagine pictures of complex graphs or spreadsheets full of numbers that are difficult to understand or seem like a waste of your time. Numbers and analytics are very useful, but they can get a bad rap for being overly complicated and difficult to decode.  

With WorxIQ from TheWorxHub, we take the complexity out of the equation by providing communities like yours with a clean dashboard of the KPIs (key performance indicators) you want to see and matter to your business.


You can spend just a few minutes looking over them and get a full picture of your maintenance team's productivity, strengths and weaknesses. 

To highlight this, today we're focusing on some of the most popular KPIs in our system and what they can reveal. 


Completion Percentage 

What percentage of all of your work orders is actually completed? With this responsiveness KPI, you can see what is completed and what isn't, as well as apply filters to view stats on specific types of work, such as % of compliance work completed and % of resident requests completed. 

These findings can help you understand what kind of backlog of work you have as compared to other sites and communities like yours across the industry. 

Questions this KPI can help answer: 

  • Are you completing certain types of work more than others? 
  • What types of work take longer than others and why? 
  • Where do you stand as far as the industry average of completion %? 


Average Time Per Work Order 

Have you ever wondered how long it takes your team to complete a work order on average? Maybe even if you haven't thought about it, I bet your residents have (or they may have even asked).  

Use this KPI to gauge your team's productivity and set even more effective goals and training for your department to improve your response time and overall efficiency. You can also see what the industry average is for minutes per work order and find out how you stack up against other sites and communities when it comes to the real labor time it takes to complete work orders. 

Questions this KPI can help answer: 

  • What types of work orders take a longer or shorter amount of time than your average? 
  • How does this statistic vary by staff, facility, location, etc.? 
  • How can you shorten your work order time? 

Imagine being able to see these KPIs with a click of a button and sharing their impact with others? It's all possible within our upcoming enhanced version of WorxIQ where KPIs are automatically calculated from all of your work order data. 

See a live demo of WorxIQ, our analytics solution, by scheduling a demo online.

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