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Maintenance & Patient Care: Tying It All Together with Technology

Grace Flack
  • Oct 11, 2017
  • 2 minute read

Once you start seeing the important part maintenance plays when it comes to patient care, it's time to start making a plan for improving processes through technology.

In our blog on the role maintenance plays in the patient experience, we laid the foundation for how the patients as consumers movement is impacting maintenance and its importance within a healthcare organization. 

Here's what we know: 

  • The patient experience is influenced by many factors that the maintenance department directly affects 
  • Increasingly, monetary compensation is being tied to details that contribute to the patient experience 
  • An improvement in maintenance processes can equate to higher patient satisfaction, reduced risk and better outcomes overall  
Making the connection between maintenance and patient care is the first step in implementing positive change. Next, you need the proper processes, technology and reporting to create sustainable improvements within your maintenance department.


A Work Order System & Much More  

Technology is really at the base of it all, allowing your healthcare maintenance team to do their daily work in the most efficient way possible.  

A cloud-based and mobile maintenance and operations management system like TheWorxHub gives your team a central place to: 

  • Track work orders 
  • Communicate across departments 
  • Elevate preventive maintenance 
  • Report on your performance 
  • See analytics and benchmarking 

When all of this information is at your maintenance team's fingertips, as well as management's, it makes it much simpler to highlight how you can positively impact patient care. As you improve processes, the environment improves and so does the patient's perception of your organization... right along with their ability to receive quality medical care. 

With hospital-specific maintenance software like TheWorxHub healthcare software solutions, you'll find it easier to know which assets need repairing vs. replacing, fix lighting and obstruction issues before a patient experiences them, and better tell your team's story with data. 

This type of technology sets the stage for each department at the core of your organization to work together toward new goals that were never possible before. It's a win-win for everyone from your employees to your patients and even the C-suite as you unlock the keys to doing your best work and delivering the highest quality care each and every day. 


Watch this quick video to better understand how software could help you own your operations. 

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